Capture your life in color

Color photography

Everyone is going to have this new camera, Don't be left out!

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How it works

James Clerk Maxwell invented color photography. He made a lens in the camera that separates incoming light. Through this lens the camera snaps a picture in color!

Where you can use it

You can take this color camera anywhere you would like. The camera is large. Places such as on a table at work or home is a good place to keep it. On Christmas day, when your family gets together to take a family photo, use this new color camera for better results in your picture!

This invention is very important

Color photography is important because you can see what everything looked like in color on the day you took the picture. This might change your life because you can take pictures of yourself and look back on them later. You will be able to see how you looked then and how you have changed now.

When is this helpful

Color photography is helpful when taking a picture and showing it to someone because it helps them see exactly what colors things are. The camera can be handy when trying to identify someone by a picture because it can show the color of their hair, eyes, and clothes.


James Clerk Maxwell changed peoples lives with is invention of the color photography.

Color photography is a big upgrade from black and white pictures. The picture shows every color in the scene. Through the lens the camera snaps a picture.

The new improvement changed peoples attitude. Showing a friend a picture of your food would raise their eyebrows. Today people use cameras all the time. We take pictures of friends, family, and nature. The camera makes our life easier today because we can show others what a plant or a new baby looked like if they weren't there to see it.

I chose the bandwagon technique. This is most effective because when everyone has a product it makes other people feel like they need it also.