Edward Bouchet

born in september 15,1852 and died on october 28,1918

early life

When Edward Bouchet was little he was in rolled in the artisan street colored school, a very small 30 seat, ungraded school with only 1 teacher.

congraulations Edward

Edward Bouchet then was excepted into Yale university and was the first African American to get there PhD, and was in the top 10% to graduate.

facts you probably didn't know

Edward spent 14 years working a variety of job. Between 1905-1908 Bouchet was a director at what is now Paul's College. He was also a teacher and a principal at Lincoln high school in Gallipolis Ohio from 1908-1913 but soon had to retire in 1916 because he had an illness, so he moved back to New Haven Connecticut. He then died in 1918 in the home that he grew up in at the age of 66. Yale and Harvard University founded the Edward A. Bouchet graduate honor society in his name.
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