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We often see children talking of numerous technology platforms,applications,games which relates them close to the use of technology.

Since,technology has become indespensable for mankind,its evident that the emergence and development of various innovations have been at a surge. People can now communicate across the globe and talk on various issues like news feeds, knowledge sharing, social interactions,use of applications and software to excel at workplace.

Online Learning Module makes the extensive use of this technology to give the traditional learning a new face. Ask for any subject, students can now get academic learning and homework help,project and assignment assistance in a fraction of seconds through a live interface.

Learning Activities

We at My Tutorial Academy use this intrinsic technology affinity of the children and boost their knowledge and learning through an online teaching platform across various teaching domains like: English,Mathematics and Science. A common learning-teaching interface collaborated with flawless online teacher assists student with in-depth learning ,qualitatively guided and mentored by various faculty experts.

To keep the learner’s interest our teaching methodology clubs vivid strategies like: video lessons,presentations,live audio chat,simulation games, learning activities. This ensures a value addition over the monotonous learning content.

Even the subjects often perceived difficult by the students like: Mathematics and Science, our teachers ensure the learning in simplest way by bridging the various learning tools to make students excel the learning curve through our tutoring service. From a rigorous consecutive learning students grasp the concepts clearly.

Frequent tests,a two-way-feedback from online tutors and learners, assessments ensure the learner’s excellence.

Since we believe knowledge can be proliferated by a word of mouth, we abide by commitments given to the learners’ and ensure to meet these in stipulated time.

We would love to continue the learner’s with the best,most qualitative learning content and methodology.

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