Team Howlers Newsletter

Week of March 21-B Week

School News & Important Dates:

State Testing Dates:

  • SC Ready Math Test: April 20 and April 21
  • SC Ready Writing Test: April 26
  • SC Ready ELA/Reading Test: April 27
  • SC PASS Social Studies Test: May 18
  • SC PASS Science Test: May 19

Important School Dates:

  • March 23 - Report Cards Go Home with Students
  • March 25-April 1- Spring Break
  • April 6- Chick-fil-A Spirit Night - 5-8 PM
  • April 14 and April 15- BTMS Theatre Company Presents Annie, Jr. - BTMS Gym- 7-10PM
  • April 15- Math/ELA Field Day *More information below
  • April 16- BTMS Theatre Company Presents Annie, Jr. -BTMS Gym -2-5PM

Team Howlers News:

Math/ELA Field Day:

Parents, you should have received an email from Mrs. Munn on Friday, March 18, about our upcoming Math/ELA Field Day on April 15. We have had several parents respond offering to chaperone and send in items. If you did not receive this email, here is a link to what it said: Thank you in advance for all of your help and support.

Report Cards:

Report cards will be sent home with students on Wednesday, March 23. Please make sure you sign the envelope and return it to your child's homeroom teacher by Wednesday, April 13.

Parent Portal Information:

Please make sure you check Parent Portal ( to see how your child is doing in his/her classes. If you should have a question about grades, please contact your child’s teacher directly.


Mr. Donnelly -

GT Math Website Address -

Regular (Grade Level) Math Website Address -

Regular Math will spend this week learning about Box Plots and the Interquartile Range of Box Plots. We have a quiz scheduled for next Thursday on Box Plots and Interquartile Range.

Regular Math Tutoring Times:

Webster: Tuesday 7:40 – 8:05 AM

Adldoost: Wednesday 7:40 – 8:05 AM

Donnelly: Wednesday 11:05 – 11:30 AM

Regular Math Homework:

Monday: digits 15-4: 1-10

Tuesday: Handout

Wednesday: digits 16-4: 1-10/Study for Quiz

Thursday: None

Friday: None

GT Math will learn about the Interquartile Range of Box Plots and have a quiz planned for Tuesday. After the quiz we will explore how to choose the best data display and about the variability of data.

GT Math Tutoring Times:

Donnelly: Monday 11:05 – 11:30 AM

Adldoost: Tuesday 7:40 – 8:05 AM

Webster: Thursday 7:40 – 8:05 AM

GT Math Homework:

Monday: digits 16-4: 1-10/Study for Quiz

Tuesday: None

Wednesday: digits 16-3: 1-10

Thursday: None

Friday: None


Ms. Lyle -

GT Science Website Address -

Grade Level Science Website Address -

Students have their final test on plants this Wednesday. They received the study guide today and went over the answers in class. Here is a copy of the study guide in case any student misplaced his/hers: Students will need to look up the definitions in their notes and for drawings on the back of the study guide, they will need to refer to their notes.

Additionally, there were two assignments that were given Friday that must be completed and turned in for a grade tomorrow. If your child has not completed their Children’s book or Photosynthesis foldable, they are late, but still must be turned in for 4th Quarter Grades.

Language Arts:

Mrs. Munn -

3rd & 4th Periods (GT) Website Address -

5th & 6th Periods (Grade Level) Website Address -

2016-17 Summer Reading List:

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, students will be working on writing a narrative essay about robots. On Wednesday and Thursday, students will be doing various activities to complete their novels.

Once and Future King by T. H. White - GT Classes Only (3rd and 4th Periods):

Students will be watching Disney's Sword in the Stone and comparing and contrasting it to Once and Future King, Part 1. The students will have a worksheet to complete while they watch the movie. When we return from Spring Break, students will write a comparison and contrast essay when they return.

Crispin: The Cross of Lead by Avi -Grade Level Classes Only (5th & 6th Periods):

Students will take an open book test on this novel on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Students should have turned in their reflective journals last Friday. However, several students were missing entries. If students are missing any entries, I have made a note of it in the comments section in Power School. Please make sure these are turned into me by Thursday. Otherwise, I will grade the entries that I have received.

4th 9 Weeks Independent Reading Project: Students are to select a novel to read independently this nine weeks. Students should show this novel to me to make sure that it is approved. All students will be going to the media center on Tuesday to check out books. Students were given a sheet on Tuesday, explaining the project. Students will have to complete one 60 point and one 40 point activity for the book they are reading. There are several activities for the students to choose from. This project will be due on Friday, May 13. Here is a link to the information about this project that students will be given in class on Tuesday of this week:

If your child needs some help choosing a book to read, he/she can come to me for some suggestions or you may go to - there are several options to search by such as: similar book to one they liked or by series.


Monday to Thursday:

Grade Level Classes Only:

*Make sure Crispin: The Cross of Lead Reflection Journal Chapters 1-58 are complete

Upcoming Tests and Projects:

Grade Level Classes Only:

Wednesday and Thursday, March 23-24: Crispin: The Cross of Lead Open Book Test

Social Studies:

Mr. Pauley -

GT Social Studies Website Address -

Grade Level Social Studies Website Address -

This week we will wrap up our unit on the Inca, Maya, and Aztecs. Students will take notes on Monday and read about the Aztec culture. Study guides will also be handed out and be due on Thursday. On Tuesday, students will build Aztec chinampas and read about the game of Pok-a-Tok. On Wednesday, students will watch a short video on the Aztecs and review for Thursday’s exam.


We will be starting our state required performance task and are in need of any magazines or newspapers you may have lying around at home. If these are not brought in by the Monday we come back from Spring Break (April 4th), students may not be able to complete their performance task.