Amusement Park Rides

By David & Samarth

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At the bottom of thw ferris wheel there is a triangle split in half which you can use Pythagorean Theorem to find the length of the longest side.There are also 2 right triangles at the bottom.The triangle also has 2 congruent triangles inside it.The circle is split in half in many ways so those are 2 congruent semi circles
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Trusses are used for supporting the ride.If there are no trusses then they wouldn't even move.
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Potential and Kinetic energy

The ride has the most potential energy at the top.It has the mostkinetic at the bottom.


What we learned about designing an amusement ride is that you use angles,parallel lines,& three dimensional shapes.


6a.I used what I learned by maybe building a house and measuring how the roof will fit.b.If you are trying to build support for whatever your building like a tower,measure checking the volume of a shape on the STAAR Test