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by Principal Kate Wyman

Welcome to 2019! We hope you each had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas Break and holiday season. As we kick off the new year, we welcome a 3rd grade student teacher, Miss Sostaric, in Mrs. Sarver's class and 7 new Patriots! Welcome to Jefferson!!!!

A new year also begins a new quarter. Quarter 2 Report Cards will be sent home on Friday, January 11. Thank you for continuing to partner with us as we encourage our Patriots to do their very best.

We would like to invite you to join us as we kickoff our Gameball Run season on Monday, January 14. More information will be coming soon about Gameball Run t-shirts, run participation, and other ways we plan to support the Children's Hospital of Illinois.

January is also a time of year when many people are still in need. One of our very own 5th Grade Patriots, Eden H, has organized a collection for Southside Mission, entitled "Bathroom Bags". She is encouraging our Patriots to donate toothbrushes, toothpastes, washcloths, shampoo, soap bars, deodorant, razors, large zip-loc baggies, brushes and combs. Donation bins will be on the stage and in the office from January 9 (tomorrow) - January 25. No donation is too small!

The January and February calendar is very full. Make sure to click the link below for all of the activities. We are very excited to invite you and your family to our annual Jefferson carnival on Friday, February 8 from 4:30-7:30pm. Lots more information and opportunities for you to help will be sent very soon.

Happy New Year,

Mrs. Kate Wyman


Send a message to the office,, if there have been any changes to your e-mail address, phone number, student transportation, or any other important student information. The office appreciates your help to keep us connected in case of an emergency.
Jefferson January 2019 Calendar

Jefferson January 2019 Calendar-Click Here


Notes from Nurse Annette

With our cold and flu season upon us, it is good to review some healthy habits for our Morton students!

If your child has vomited, has a fever of over 100’ or has an illness that you feel may be serious or contagious, please keep him/her home until fever or illness free for 24 hours. This includes coughing, diarrhea and sore throats. If your child has been diagnosed with strep throat or conjunctivitis (pink eye), s/he needs to be on the prescribed antibiotic medication for a full 24 hours before returning to school.

Remember that teaching your child good hand hygiene is the BEST way to prevent the spread of germs! It is also not too late to get flu shots too! This will help with the strains of influenza that the CDC feels will be most prominent this flu season.

Lice continues to be an issue in schools across the country. It is a very common problem, especially for kids. Lice are contagious, annoying and sometimes tough to get rid of. While they are frustrating to deal with, lice aren’t dangerous. They don’t spread disease, although their bites can make a child’s scalp itchy and irritated, and scratching can lead to infection. It’s best to treat head lice quickly once they are found because they can spread easily from person to person.

If a child is found to have lice at school, the parent will be contacted. A child may return to school after the administration of a proper lice treatment. If a child is found to have lice at home, we ask that parents please let us know so that we can treat the classroom areas (carpet, chairs, etc.) as well.

Morton 709 policy is that we will notify parents of a child found to be with lice. We encourage you to make lice checks a regular part of home hygiene as you care for your children.

A good reference for information and tips regarding care for your child’s health is I am also glad to be an additional resource to assist our families in the Morton 709 school district. Have a healthy winter!

Nurse Annette Kelso


For the month of January, Character Education will focus on Growth Mindset with NED. We will learn that a mindset is an attitude or way that we approach a situation. There are two types of mindsets including growth mindset and fixed mindset.

Growth Mindset: Everyone has a brain! My smarts and abilities can grow if I challenge myself and exercise my brain by trying new things and doing my best all the time. I may not always succeed at first, but I can’t give up – I will make mistakes but I must keep trying and learning from my every mistakes. Mistakes help my brain to grow. Every mistake is a step closer to success. I don’t say, “I can’t do that.” Instead I say, “I can’t do that YET.” I keep my brain growing and learning and believing in myself and the power of my brain. NED can help you remember to keep a Growth Mindset by NEVER GIVING UP and DOING YOUR BEST!

Fixed Mindset: Everyone has a brain but some brains are better than others. It doesn’t matter how hard I work, I just can’t get better at it. I don’t want others to know that I haven’t learned something yet, so I pretend to know things I haven’t learned. I am afraid to try new things because I might fail. Once I fail, I don’t want to try again so if doesn’t work the first time, I don’t like to try it a different way.

In class we will be learning about the differences in these mindsets and the effects that each mindset can have on our attitude towards work and goals. We will read stories and watch videos clips for examples and practice having a growth mindset ourselves. Below are resources you can use to learn more about growth mindset at home and provide encouragement to your children specific to growth mindset. We encourage you to find opportunities and examples to talk with your children about a growth mindset attitude.

At Home:

Research on Growth Mindset (for parents & older students):

Teaching Growth Mindsets - Kelly Corrigan’s video for parents:

Growth Mindset Poster:
Growth Mindset Encouragement Notes:


JANUARY - Book of the Month

Endling The Last (part 1)

by Katherine Applegate (author of The One and Only Ivan and Crenshaw)

Byx is the youngest member of her dairne pack. Believed to possess remarkable abilities, her mythical doglike species has been hunted to near extinction in the war-torn kingdom of Nedarra.
After her pack is hunted down and killed, Byx fears she may be the last of her species. The Endling. So Byx sets out to find safe haven, and to see if the legends of other hidden dairnes are true.
Along the way, she meets new allies—both animals and humans alike—who each have their own motivations for joining her quest. And although they begin as strangers, they become their own kind of family—one that will ultimately uncover a secret that may threaten every creature in their world.

APP of the Month - JANUARY

Musical Me! Duck Duck Moose wins the Tech with Kid’s Best Pick App Award. Previous awards include the Parents Choice Gold Award and the Editor’s Choice Award. This free app teaches fundamental components of music to kids 2 - 6.

PTO News


What is SCRIP? SCRIP is simply gift cards that you purchase from the PTO that you then use at your favorite retailers, like Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Target, and many more. These gift cards carry a rebate that goes towards our school. The rebates can add up quickly, and all proceeds will go toward our NEW playground! The only thing you need to do is plan your purchases and make them with our gift cards instead of cash or checks. The gift cards make great gifts this holiday season too! Everyone wins! Be on the lookout for an order form to be sent home next week!! and click on "Join A Program" box.

Jefferson's enrollment code: FC3F1EE926695

Friday, January 25th is Box Tops Turn-In Day!

PTO Facebook GROUP - "Jefferson Patriots PTO"

Please join our NEW GROUP page, if you haven’t already!! We currently have a regular Facebook page, but with a “group”, we will ensure everyone who is a member will see our posts. This is also the easiest way to get up to date information, see what sign ups and events we have going on, and to view our PTO Meetings - we will stream them LIVE.

Happy Friday Staff Snacks

Each Friday we try to provide our teachers and staff with some treats....just to make them happy and to show our appreciation! Sign up using the link below!!/showSignUp/10c0d49aeac2ba1f58-friday1/34407846

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