Tech Tips #2.30

Week of April 13, 2015

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Pin Program or Folder to Taskbar or Start Menu

Pinning allows you to quickly access programs/folders you use frequently like Outlook, Chrome, or your G drive. You can pin programs/ folders to your Start menu, that you will access by clicking the Start button in the bottom left corner. You can also pin to the taskbar.

Watch the video below to see how to start Pinning.

Windows 7 in 77 Seconds Pinning
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Aero Snap

Aero Snap automatically resizes and arranges program windows when you drag them to the top or sides of the screen. This allows you to view multiple windows at once.

You can also use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • WINDOWS button + Right Arrow = Docks window on right side of screen
  • WINDOWS button + Left Arrow = Docks window on left side of screen
  • WINDOWS button + Up Arrow = Maximizes window
  • WINDOWS button + Down Arrow = Restores window

Watch the video below to see how to use Aero Snap.

How To Use The Windows 7 Aero Snap Desktop Feature
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Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool allows you to create a custom screen capture on your Windows machine that can be saved, emailed, or copied into another program. Annotations can also be added to the captured image.

Watch the video below to see how to use the Snipping Tool.

Windows 7 Snipping tool for Screen Capture
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