Maciel Computer Services


Our business is a computer shop where you can bring in your desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and game systems for trouble-shooting, updating, repair, data recovery, or virus removal. We also sell a variety of computer parts and help customers build their computers.


Our business is a partnership. Co-founders Francisco and Luis have degrees in computer science and business management, respectively. Francisco handles the computer side of the business while Luis deals with the management and finances. Together they each do what they do best individually to make the overall business successful. A partnership brings many advantages. For example: not having to pay a corporate income tax, being able to easily raise funds and add new partners, and we have unlimited liability.


A partnership comes with many challenges and obstacles such as having to keep tabs on each other and disagreements. We have been best friends since middle school and know each other very well. Any disagreements tend to be resolved fairly quickly and we make sure to inform each other of business decisions before we make them. Neither of us plan to leave the business soon, but we have a plan in case one of us changes our mind. In the case that we add more partners, we'll have sessions where we have a mediator that has us discuss decisions and then vote.


No. Since our business will be local, we won't have a local union set up for employees ourselves but employees are more than welcome to join unions. What we will have instead is meetings where employees can voice any concerns they have. We will listen to our employees and do our best to keep them happy within reason.


To do our part in keeping Earth clean, we do a couple of things. We recycle all paper we use. We do our best to reduce the amount of paper. For example, all signed documents are signed electronically. You know how you sign off on credit card purchases at the store? Well just like that! The paper we do use is eco-friendly. We make sure that all computer parts are disposed of properly. We use CFL lights.