Dinner Menu

Olivia, Morgan, Erin, Ryan


Food: Nigirizushi (Sushi)

Description: Hand-formed clump of sushi rice wrapped in toasted seaweed with sliced fish on top.

Culture: Japanese

Character: Naoki Higashida

Reason: Naoki is a young Japanese boy who has autism. He explains that often times it is difficult for him to try and enjoy new foods, so for the sake of consistency, he often eats familiar meals. Sushi is one of the most popular foods in Japan, and would likely be a favorite of this character.


Food: Salmon

Description: Fish primarily found on the coasts and is prepared by grilling with spices.

Culture: Seafood is very prevalent on the coasts and my character grew up in Washington D.C.

Reason: William Moyers grew up in Washington D.C. while his father worked with President Lyndon Johnson. The foods that they ate were higher end food and a lot of the dinners made were seafood.


Food: Cobb Salad

Description: Salad made with bacon, avocado, cheese, tomato,eggs and a vinaigrette.

Culture: in California avocados and tomatoes are grown here. People in California like watch what they eat and be healthy

Reason: Jaycee Duggard grew up in California and was held hostage in California. I picked a healthy food because when she was with her kidnapper he only fed her fast food. She said in the book that she really missed healthy homemade food.


Food: South African Marshmallow Desset

Description: Made with marshmallow, orange juice, cream and vanilla

Culture: South African

Reason: Ishmael Beah grew up in South African during the earlier years of his life.