Digital Citizenship Project

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What is Digital Citizenship & Why is it necessary for us to know about it?

Digital Citizenship means that people don't want to be mean on the internet. One thing of it is cyber bullying if you are thinking what cyber bullying is it is just like people will bullying at school but it is on the internet. Another thing is hacking it is a person that gets on your computer and they mess up the persons computer. Another thing is people will spam on your computer and this is bad it can mess up your computer. Another thing is viruses this will mess up your computer bad.

Rule#1: Digital Etiquette

Be nice:

You should be nice because you don't want to hurt people.

You should also be nice because you can be bulling when you didn't mean to.

The last thing why you should be nice is because you can make friends.

One last thing is to be nice is you can be syber bullying.

Digital Etiquette

Rule#2: Information Privacy

1. Is spam and people can give you messages that you don't want.

2. There is another thing called scams these are fake dells that people make.

3. When you see a free game on the computer it is fake and this is called malware.

4. So when you see something on your screen you see a paper work this is call privacy policy.

5. When you do this people can see your print and this is what it is call identity theft.

Information Privacy - Information Security Lesson #12 of 12

Rule#3: Social Networking

1. Social networking is getting together on the internet.

2. There is a thing on the internet that can save information this is call a profile.

3. Another thing is you can get your friends together and this is call a network.

What is a Social Network?

Rule#4: Online Safety

1. Keep your identity a secret.

2. Be extra careful with strangers.

3. Tell somebody.

4. Protect your passwords

5. Be nice.

Internet Safety Rap

Rule#5: Cyberbullying

1. Cyber bullying is just a person doing bad thing to a person.

No Bullies Allowed - Best Anti Bullying Rap Song (New 2013)

Rule#6: Plagiarism

1. One thing you can do with out plagiarizing you can attribute a text.

2. If you copy a peace a information it is called verbatim.

3. Another thing is to do is to do is bibliography.

Don't Plagiarizzle - a rap song about plagiarism

Rule#7: Copyright

1. copyright is a blocking information and this is called creative works.

2. You can also do derivative works.

3. Something else is called tangible expression.

4. when you rewrite someone's book it is called infringement.

5. if you do infringe you can be sued.

6. someone can rewrite your work with out your permission and this is called fair use.

7. After you can have a copyright it can go in to the world and this is called public domain.

Copyright, What's Copyright?