Sometimes known as Mainboard, or System board.

What is it ? What it does ?

The motherboard by itself is useless. It allows all the parts of your computer to receive power, and to communicate with each other. Eventually, ties everything together. The first motherboards held a very few components. Like the processor and card slots. In which users plugged their components. Such as drive controllers or memory.

Detailed information

The layout and shape of the motherboard is called a form factor. The form factor affects where does every part of the computer go and the overall shape of the computer's case.

There are severtal specific form factors that most PC motherboards use so they can fit into a standard case.

Some of the other standars, excluding the form factor, affect the motherboards :

  • The Chipset. It is the part of motherboard's logic system. The two "bridges" from which the chipsets are usually made, connect the CPU to other parts of the computer.
  • The real-time clock chip. It maintains the basic settings and the system time.