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July 27, 2018

Download the 2018-2019 Parent Training catalog below or click HERE: 2018-2019 ESC-20 Parent Training & Webinar Catalog

Registering for an ESC-20 Parent Training OR Webinar!

New registration instructions!

To register to attend an ESC-20 parent training or to participate via webinar, you will need to register through CONNECT 20, our registration system at

You will find the parent training session ID and webinar ID under the parent training description in the catalog.

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Download the Steps to Register for a Parent Training or Webinar BELOW!

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Parent Training Catalog and Registration Instructions can also be found HERE!

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Save the Date!

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Click the picture above or HERE to read UTSA's Parent Engagement Newsletter.

Features this month include:

  • UTSA's programs to support K-6 learning in Reading and Math
  • San Antonio College Girls STEM Summit
  • and MORE!
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It's Time to Start Planning for Back to School!

Looking to cure those back-to-school blues? Use the “10 Days of Action” to get your kids energized and equipped for the new school year. Set them up for success with challenges, activities and conversations that address everything from goals and homework to friendships and behavior. Lay the foundation for a great year while having fun and prepping everyone to have their best school experience yet!

Boystown's 10 Days of 10 Activities to Get You Ready!

Talk to Your Child

Talk to your child about school several weeks before the first day. Acknowledging back-to-school jitters will help your child develop positive emotions about school and increase oral language skills.

A recent MIT brain study shows that having back-and-forth conversations with your child builds early language skills. Anytime is learning time.

Learn more: Back and Forth Talk Key to Developing Kids' Verbal Skills

Khan Academy Kids

Click here for more information about the Khan Academy Kids APP!

Building Healthy Relationships With Your Kids

Tips for Connecting with Your Kids

  • Catch kids showing good behavior and offer specific praise.
  • Give children meaningful jobs at home and positive recognition afterward. Don’t be overly critical; instead, help them improve their skills one step at a time.
  • Use kind words, tones, and gestures when giving instructions or making requests.
  • Spend some time every day in warm, positive, loving interaction with your kids. Look for opportunities to spend time as a family, like taking after-dinner walks or reading books together.
  • Brainstorm solutions to problems at home or school together.
  • Set rules for yourself for mobile device use and other distractions. For instance, check your phone after your child goes to bed.
  • Ask about your child’s concerns, worries, goals, and ideas.
  • Participate in activities that your child enjoys. Help out with and attend their events, games, activities, and performances

Read more HERE.

Teaching Kids Patience

I found this article to be a great reminder when it comes to teaching our kids to be patient! It is a hard skill to teach and model at times as a parent.

Patience is a virtue that can be instilled in children. Patience teaches children the value of delaying gratification, a skill necessary for maturity. Patience can help develop the ability to think through and resolve problems; it can counteract impulsivity and acting out behaviors. The value of patience lies in its ability to lead to inner calm and emotional strength of character. Teaching patience by example helps children learn resilience, self-containment, and the ability to self-soothe. These are qualities needed for emotional maturity.

Check it out, I hope it's a great reminder for you too.

General Tips for Parents on Teaching Patience to Children

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