Owl Notes



*NOVEMBER - I can't believe that we will jump into November this week. Time is sure flying fast! Make sure you are disconnecting at least some over the weekends and evenings. You need to make sure you are refreshed daily!

*TAMI TIME - Thank you for your time over the past 2 weeks. I really enjoyed meeting with everyone and hearing your thoughts! Got some great suggestions.

* AWARDS ON A CART - Kara, Becky and/or myself will be coming through this next week with Awards on a Cart recognizing students and handing out prizes. If we show up at your door and it's a bad time to interrupt, please wave us off and we will swing back around later.

*SITE BASED (CORE TEAM) - Reminder that we are meeting on Monday to discuss HRS.

* PINK OUT DAY - Reminder that PINK OUT day is Monday! . A $5 donation must be made to Kathie to wear jeans and you must wear a pink shirt. Make checks payable to Susan G Komen Foundation.

*SCHOOL VISITS - Make sure and ask your teammate who visited schools about their visits. We saw lots of great things and lots that allowed us to give ourselves a pat on the back because we are doing great things, too. We will be following up with team leaders to see if we would like to do a Round 2 for a different set of teachers.

*MONDAY VISITORS - We will have a couple of principals from the district visiting on campus Monday. As part of the ongoing leadership development that principals participate in yearly, we have been tasked to visit other campuses and give feedback. Tricia Thacker, principal at Armstrong, and Malinda Stewart, principal at BB Rice, will be here to walk our campus and just give us some feedback. We will be randomly popping into classrooms so don't be surprised if we come by.

*SCHEDULE CHANGE - Reminder that Tuesday we will flip schedules with fourth and second grade for specials due to benchmark testing.

*READER MAN - aka, Dr. Null, will be on campus Wednesday to present super reader powers to our Kinder classes. Just wanted you to know he would be here.

*GT NOMINATIONS ARE OPEN - If you have students who YOU feel need to nominated for GT testing (parents will be notified soon about the window being opened). the window is open. If you need a form, see Kara. Once you have completed it, give it to Deanna.

*TEAM HUDDLES - Fourth - Special Ed - Monday, Fourth - Tuesday, Specials - Thursday

*TEAM HUDDLE QUESTION FOR THOUGHT - What is your favorite book or movie?


Monday is Pink Out Day.

Tuesday second grade field trip.

Wednesday is 1st, 2nd and 3rd to Junie B Jones.

Thursday Bilingual Coach on Campus

Friday is Poster Method.


On campus opportunities to note: (Second Monday after school opportunities)

November 12 - Rubrics

Points to Ponder: (questions for meeting with Tami)

7 things that will hurt your team:

1. Energy vampires

2. Complaining

3. Ego

4. Selfishness

5. Jealousy

6. Resentment

7. Pessimism

7 things that will help your team:

1. Love

2. Encouragement

3. Vulnerability

4. Selflessness

5. Unity

6. Communication

7. Optimism


James Fatuch - Getting on Sci://Tech sign ups going way before February!

Angel, Kim, Rachael, Samantha, Shelby and Rachel For volunteering to go on a schools tour with me and come back and share some things you saw.

Lavonne Kelley - for always being able and willing to answer my questions about my students! - Dena

Keith Wardrup - for his awesome work out in the garden and the wonderful fall decorations - 4th grade team

Audra Sims - for keeping us updated on illnesses and reminding us to WASH our hands! -4th grade team

Front Office Gang - for always being on the front line with parents. - 4th grade team

Maria Falcon - for pulling books for the fourth grade LA teacher for our non-fiction unit. - 4th grade team

Shelvy Harvey - for keeping the 4th grade ELA teachers organized in the google drive. - Chelsea, Claudia, Dena, Mendy

Melody Steel - for sharing books with 4th grade for our weather nonfiction unit. -4th grade unit

Kara Saly - for helping me so much today! - Macy

Missy Giammatteo - for being an awesome team leader - Macy


Evil uses the 5Ds to attack you and your team. We see it in the world, too.

- Divide



-Distort (lies)


Knowing this, you can counter it and win the battle.



-Focus on what matters most

-Live and speak truth


-Jon Gordon

Goals for 18-19

1. By December, all math teachers will be trained and will have implemented Poster Method twice a month.

2. Starting in January, teachers will focus on aligning two anchor stations with current learning in the classroom.

3. By the end of the school year, reading and writing teachers will be trained in the conferring process and create their own documentation of conferences.

Upcoming Dates


30 - Tami out to Curriculum Meeting

30 - 2nd grade field trip

31 - 1st, 2nd and 3rd to Junie B Jones @ ORHS


1 - Bilingual coach on campus

2 - Poster Method Friday

5 - Team Leader Meeting

6 - Stephanie Richeson's birthday

6 - 3rd grade Field Trip

6 - Dr. Winkler visit to campus @ 1:00 p.m.

7 - 3rd grade field trip

8 - Math staff development during planning time

9 - Third grade program

9 - Math review quiz

10 - Cassandra Murdaugh's birthday

12 - Staff Development Monday - Rubric grading

14 - Fall Class Pictures/retakes

14 - Tami out to Principals' meeting

15 - Thanksgiving Feast

15 - First grade field trip

16 - Poster Method Friday

19 - 23 - Thanksgiving Holiday Week

25 - Karen Boren's birthday

26 - Lisa Lara's birthday

26 - Faculty Meeting

27 - Tami out to Jim Knight training

28 - Kim Johnson and Rachel Henderson's birthday

29 - Gretchen Montgomery comes to walk classes for Math Review

30 - Poster Method Friday

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