Child Phycholigist

Child phycholigist & life of being a child phycholigist

Someone who studies the mental,social, and emotional development of a child. Typically, child psychologists look at development from the prenatal period through adolescence. Some of the major topics of interest in this field of psychologyinclude genetics, language development, personality, gender roles, cognitive development, sexual development and social growth.

Hours & schedule

Hours and schedule varie on where you are cousiling at, depending on client schedule each day can varie.

Personality requirements

Need to have patients and great listening skills have to be a big hearted person, being very stern and mean won't be comforting to clients nor will it be easy to have them cooperate

Education requirements

In the feild child phychology masters degree is most common, but some get there phd degree in either clinical or phycholigist counseling.

Salary information

Salary can be based on location, education , and also expirence. Average salary would be about 64,000 a year but can vary from lowest at 37,000 to highest 150,000
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