During the 1880s-1920s


The US advanced greatly in the years of 1880-1920. Factories were made and opened up offering millions of jobs to many immigrants who were in search of jobs after moving to America. Though the factories and and many new products were great there became much competition for power and many businesses either went corrupt or became very powerful almost too powerful.


Millions of people, mainly from southern and eastern Russia, migrated to America. Most immigrants turned to America because of the political and religious freedom. Some came seeking jobs, money, and opportunity. Others simply came looking for a fresh and clean start and a new life. It didn't take much time for cities to become overpopulated and greatly polluted. Others lived in tenements which were rundown and overpopulated neighborhoods. Others lived in tenements which were overcrowded and overpopulated apartments, with very poor and dirty living conditions. Because of so many immigrants from all around America flourished in culture.
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Immigrants shown above


America was a very strong and smart nation who easily dominated other countries. America had a lot of power, but used it wisely for the most part and often helped other nations who needed it. USA became interested in Cuba because of its sugar crops, US then intervened in hopes of restoring Cuba and its government. Eventually the US and Spain got into a war known as the Four Year War. US ended up winning and was known as the World Power in the Carribbean.
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World War 1

The support within America during WW1 was huge. Americans used many different tactics to show heir support for our fighting soldiers. Propaganda posters could be found on every corner. Cash crops were introduced providing food for money for the war. Parades were organized and so much more.
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During WW1, America was introduced to many new weapons, such as machine guns, tanks, artillery, and so much more. These weapons helped America greatly.
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The Treaty of Versailles was formed and signed on 28 June 1919 exactly five years after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Intended the state of war between Germany and the allied powers.


Because of the rapid population increase in America , settlement houses were created to help house thousands of new immigrants. Many immigrants were opened up, providing many new jobs, inventions, and much money. It didn't take much time till Americans started tearing down nature to build up houses, factories and much more.


With more and more money being made, due to industrialization there was also a lot of corruption and fraud. Everybody was competing for power and everybody wanted to be higher than their neighbor. At one point Chamany Hall even cheated the city out of $200 million.
Women suffrage also had a great impact on the US. Women suffrage was the right of women to vote and to stand for electoral office. Limited voting rights were gained by women in some western US states in the late 19th century.