cigarette facts

cigarettes are very nasty. they have a lot of discussing poisons like there's

acetone: removes nail polish

ammonia: household cleaner

arsenic: used in rat poisons and bullets

butane: gas; used in lighter fluid

carbon monoxide: poisonous gas

cadmium: used in batteries

Cresol: used in bombs

cyanide: used in making chemical weapons

DDT: a banned insecticide

Lead: heavy metal poisonous

Formaldehyde: used to preserve dead bodies

Polonium: radioactive

Vinyl chloride: used to make PVC pipes; known that it leads to cause cancer

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How drugs enter your body

There is many ways a drug can enter your body.

There's orally way which you can put in your food.

There is the inhale way which you can snort it or smoke it.

You can inject drugs inside of you with a needle.

The last way is that u can absorb it into your body which means that you apply it to your skin.

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Marijuana can be eaten or smoked.

Though THC is the main ingredient in pot. people who smoke pot produces more than 2,000 chemicals.

THC can stay in your body than 12 hours.

Marijuana can lead to use of other drugs.

Marijuana is used and legal in some states in the U.S.

The marijuana used today is weaker than how it used to be in the 1960s.

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Men- if you take steroids and it wears of or don't use it anymore than men can testicles may shrink, develop breasts and infertility.

Women- may grow facial hair/chest hair and voice will get deeper.

Everyone- excessive acne. mood swings, paranoid, and roid rage.

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