Clinton Foreign Policy E-Poster

by: Tess Abrams

Who was involved?

Along with Bill Clinton himself, many other people and countries were involved. For example, countries like North Korea, China, Somalia, and Cuba. Many people who were involved were Gerry Adams, an Irish Republican Army Leader, Lt. General Raoul Cedras from Haiti, and Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat.

What Happened in the Foreign Policy?

Most of these trips were to add troops into the other countries that they were deployed in, such as the troops in Somalia that were deployed by George H. Busch. They were helping the poverty stricken villages and countries who needed it most.

When did all of this take place, and where?

This took place during Clinton's Presidency. He has made many mission trips afterwards to see other countries and help them out some. Most of his foreign policy actions took place within the country, such as: Haiti, North Korea, Cuba, Mexico, and many others around the globe.

Now why exactly did these events happen the way they did...

I believe these events happened the way they did because everything usually ran smoothly and went the way President Clinton wanted them too. He had a way of reaching out to other countries and letting them know that America was a welcoming country.
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