Math Department 3rd-5th Grade

Week 7 News/Updates

News Flash ANET Testing for 2nd-5th Grade Math and ELA Sept. 24-26!

  • Building Test Coordinators will print assessments and scantrons for teachers
  • Teachers will give the test on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday (Preferably Wednesday or Thursday for Math), then turn the scantrons back in to the building test coordinator so they can FedEx them back to ANET
  • Tell students to circle the answers in their test booklet as well. This will make reviewing the assessment more effective for students!

Go Tigers GO

A couple of Mrs. Morgan's 4th Grade Students

Showing off their Math Journals! They made my day!

Guided Math at its Best!

Over the next two weeks coaches and school leaders will be looking for Guided Math "Rock STARS"! If you know you are that STAR, video tape a Guided Math lesson and submit it to Katrina for a chance to co-facilitate our Guided Math Pd during Collaborative Planning Day on Oct. 13th! Winners will receive a certificate and blast in each elementary schools weekly news blast for the month of October.

Check out these quick videos to help you successfully implement "Guided Math!"

5 Important Things to Remember About Guided Math

  1. Lessons are short and focused on targeted skills/concepts (Be Intentional)
  2. Always start with a brief intro to the task, activity, or skill (Make sure students know why they are with you)
  3. Lessons should be leveled to meet the needs of students. The teacher acts as the coach or guide while students complete tasks or activities. Depending on the level groups could be heavily teacher guided or student guided.
  4. Students should have multiple opportunities to share their thinking.
  5. Lessons end in a timely manner (use a timer and remember the time allotted to each group could vary depending on student needs)

Tools to add to your Strategy Box! Below I have highlighted videos that offer great strategies or techniques for reteaching, remediating, or extending key concepts from the 1st Quarter!

Resource Hub on Sharepoint

All of our materials and resources including weekly zipped files, assessments, pacing calendars, etc. can now be found under "Curriculum and Instruction" on Sharepoint. TCAP Practice Test Probes for October are loaded here!

New Co-Planning Expectations

Now that we are heading into the 2nd Nine Weeks of school, it's time to RAMP it UP!!!! Planning sessions will focus on these "BIG 3" questions:

  1. What knowledge of your students’ performance data,* interests, background, etc., are you using to inform your planning process?

(*Data may range from district’s module assessment data and ANET data to teacher-created classroom data, and/or map data.)

  1. What will students know and be able to do at the end of this lesson? The learning objective(s) is best stated in student friendly language (learning target, SWBAT, or an “I Can” statement), measurable, stating what the student will be able to do by the end of the lesson. Objective(s) should also be communicated within the context of the standard(s). Students should know what they are expected to learn in each lesson and be able to articulate their understanding to others.
  1. How will you engage students (not the teacher) in restating or demonstrating their learning? Be specific! Will you incorporate Turn and Talks, Group Discussion, Cold Calls, Call and Response, etc. Think Habits of Discussion here.

Teachers should come with their lessons already picked out for the upcoming week and plan to talk through these questions with their coach or school leader. Teachers will then finish planning out their week and submit their lesson plans for review with school leaders!

Planning Monday 9/22 NO OPEN OFFICE Hours for Planning due to the first District Office Hours in Whitney portable 208, from 4:30 – 6:00pm. 

Katrina Armor

Next Week I am available in the evenings if anyone wants to meet after hours just let me know! I'm opening my home to after hours planning sessions (just in case you have little ones you need to bring).