Going Green & Recycling By: lampus20


We are trying to find some soulutions to the problem of recycling on the Earth here at Buffalo Elementary. The problem is that peolpe use way to many peices of paper that aren't even completly full with stuff written or drawn on it, which is completly wasting paper and not recycling it at all.

Possible Soulutions

Recyling Soulutions

There are many possible soulutions for recycling as much as possible, but these are just three tips to get everyone started in the world. One soulution is, when you are done with a peice of paper that you don't need anymore instead of just throwing it away in a regular trash can you could save the earth and recycle it. Another possible soulution could be instead of using pen and not being able to erase it and having to throw it away you can now start using pencil and eraser so that you can save a lot of trees and a lot of paper. Last soulution could be using the hole two sides of the paper instead of just writting one word and throwing it away, so from now on use the hole space on both sides. Those are at least three possible soulutions for recycling as much as possible.