Capture the Clover

By: Murtaza Neemuchwala

Myths and Me

Reading is for kids.

Many people think that reading is only for kids. That it's a tool for entertainment and is only meant for those who are developing to read. They think that adults are too old for it. This myth of reading is incorrect. For example many of the greatest studies and researches done by adults are because of reading books. And many so called "kids" books contain strong morals which can be applied in real life. Books are a pathway to ingenuity and innovation and are meant for all ages no matter how old you are.

Dead Ringer

Both the song Vengeance and the book Side Effects May Vary carry the same mood of revenge and anguish. This book is about a girl who is dying of cancer and seeks revenge on all the bad people in her life. Also this song carries this same mood talking about how he doesn't want to die alone and how he will get his vengeance.

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