January & February

We Began the Year With Competition!

From Books to Chromebooks, or From Fiber-Source to Cybersource.

By: Sydney Davidson

When I got my chrome book on January 17, I was like "Yes! No more books." As my bag got heavier I realized we have to carry the chrome book, ALL. THE. TIME. This also means we can have access to our Google Classroom work, ALL. THE. TIME. Even though some sites are blocked I enjoy having a chrome book, and looking around campus at anytime, I think other students feel the same way because I can see them working (or playing) on the chromebook, before and after school and even at lunchtime. So THANK YOU for giving us students the opportunity to have our own technology!

Buzzing Through The Competition

By: Diego De La Cruz

Do you get terrified of spelling a difficult word? How about speaking in front of a crowd? SCARY, right? Imagine doing both! January 18, was the annual Spelling Bee hosted by

Mrs. Woodyard and some of our other Language Art teachers. Twenty-two brave students participated and studied a list of challenging words for days!

On the day of the Spelling Bee, Students nervously entered the MPR and individually received a number to represent that they were a spelling bee contestant.

Before the bee, Mrs. Woodyard initiated a practice round to make sure the students and contest rules were clear and that the students were organized.

When the bee commenced, each contestant, one by one was given a word to spell out. If the word was spelled out correctly, Mr. Lee held up green card. If the word was spelled out incorrectly, he held up a red card. After the first round, the contestants were given a break to then later begin the second and final round.

Let's Go to The Science Fair!

By: Kameron Winston

The Science Fair competition took place January 22 in the Vista Heights Multipurpose Room. 6, 7 and 8th graders and all GATE students were the participants.

Doing a project for Science Fair is a good way to show off knowledge and talent about a particular science topic. In this years fair, there were over 30 information boards and a lot of great student results from investigating the unique and interesting experiments.

8th grader, Mazzy Brandin won First place and her project moved on to the next level of competitionr. Congratulations!

History Day: Round One Results!

By: Brianna Thornley

National History Day is very competitive and is a unique opportunity for students to take charge of their learning, while exploring the past in a creative and hands-on way. All a student need to know is the rules, have a good design, and a desire to win. The awards are always the scariest part. Students never know when the judges are going to choose your project, or even if their name will be called. The students listed below have been really passionate about their topics, and these awards reflect the reality of them getting to move onto the next level of competition.

First place individual documentary, Daina Sellers. Individual performance First place,

Liliana Valle-Arredondo and Second place, Julietta Lopez. Individual website First place,

Brianna Thornley, Second place, Natalia Garcia and Third place, Julia Nguyen. Individual exhibit First place, Sanaa Jefferson, Second place Mazzy Elizabeth Brandin, Third place Sarah Abundis. Individual paper First place, Thiana Aklikokou, Second place Blayne Tamarat. Group performance, First place Isabella Rodriguez, Malani Ball, Gillian Sisto, Ava Rodriguez, Malia Hernandez, Second place

Santino Brandin, Jalen Escalera, Maya Keele, Erick Ruiz, Third place Steven Thomas, Ace Eckert, Hector Garcia, George Orozco. Group website First place

Aniela Osorio, Gyselle Torres, Kathie Sanchez, Erik Mora. Group exhibit First place Maryam Alturki, Asia Holmes, Second place Zoe Pena, Alyzabeth Godoy, Third place Edward Alfaro and Angela Diaz. CONGRATULATIONS & good luck in the Riverside County meet at Valley View High School on March 10th.

IB Corner: Caring and Communicators

By: Miranda Dick

Continuing IB learner profiles.

Students, have you ever thought that you are caring? Caring means, you show empathy, compassion and respect to make the world a better place. To make the world a better place also means to be kind and encouraging, even to people you might not even know!

Being a communicator is someone who expresses themselves confidently. They know how to talk in many languages and in the proper form. Students learn to properly address individuals and how to collaborate.