Parklane Community Newsletter

February 2, 2023

Panther Message

Dear Panthers,

It’s been an amazing week at Parklane, with students doing a great job of wearing their festive outfits in participation of Spirit Week. It’s activities like this that increase school spirit and make school more enjoyable for all students. This month our Panther value is High Achieving. This means, simply, that we want staff and students to do their very best in order to reach new levels of achievement and become “High Achieving.” Attending school every day and having a positive attitude are key components to improving and becoming a “High Achieving” student & teacher. Please make sure to continue and discuss appropriate behavior at school, and encourage students to do their best in class and at school as a whole. We appreciate all the support from our school community.

Title I

The purpose of Title I is to provide additional support for schools that serve children who have risk factors like poverty or high mobility. Research has demonstrated that these factors make it more difficult for children to be successful in school. Eligible schools get an amount of money based on the number of students in the school who are directly certified by USDA standards. The use of the school-wide Title I Funding must align to school improvement planning which is informed by a school-level self-assessment and needs assessment using measures from five key domains: Leadership, talent development, stakeholder engagement, well-rounded coordinated learning principles, and inclusive policy and practice.

At Parklane we use our Title I Funding to fund positions and materials to support our reading program in alignment with our School Improvement Plan. A portion of our funding is also dedicated to increasing parent involvement and community involvement in our school. Throughout our district, much of the emphasis at the elementary level is on supporting efforts in early elementary reading. At Parklane, we try to spread out services to also include the upper elementary grades. Still, our aim is to support the lower elementary grades to minimize the need for small group intensive intervention groups in the upper elementary grades. We can always use more family involvement at school. In addition, we could use help ensuring that students are regularly practicing reading at home.

Black History Month:

Parklane is an amazing school with incredible diversity amongst our student population. This is a huge asset and learning opportunity for students to learn how to learn in a multicultural environment. At Parklane, we honor students’ backgrounds and home cultures. We are an inclusive school with a focus on equity and respect for all. February is African American History Month, and this month was chosen because the second week of February was the birthday of both President Abraham Lincoln and abolitionist Frederick Douglass. Previously, Black History Month was just a week-long celebration. But, some communities adopted the entire month of February as an unofficial Black History Month. It wasn’t until 1976 when President Gerald Ford recognized and encouraged Americans to participate in a month-long observance. Today, it serves as an important conversation point in schools and in our everyday lives. As a school, we are striving to make sure we not only highlight African Americans during February but throughout the school year. It is expected that throughout the year, students will be exposed to lessons that reflect the cultural and linguistic diversity of the students in their classrooms. We look to our community and parents to support our students in exploring and celebrating Black/African American History Month at home as well.

*Friendship Day a.k.a. Valentines Day

Valentine’s day is coming and on this day some classes may or may not have celebrations. If students bring cards please make sure to include everyone in the class. In addition, please make sure all Valentine's cards are filled in before bringing them to school. I encourage having your child write "My Friend" in the To: section to avoid taking a long time while passing out the cards. Also, I know it is very common for students to attach small treats to their Valentine's Day cards. If candy is brought as an attached treat, students will be asked not to eat their treats until after school. Our school district has a wellness policy that prohibits candy in school celebrations. In addition, we have food allergies therefore no cupcakes or other candies. If you want to give out treats please give out pencils, stickers, or other goodies that are not food.

*Please do not double park in front of the school during dismissal. Please park and walk up to pick up your students. Please use crosswalks to cross the street in front of our school, do not walk through traffic, and obey the speed limit.

*Please make sure to pick up your student at 2:27 PM; everyday students can not be left unattended. Teachers are not able to watch students after school is dismissed

*Please retrieve your student's coats or other lost items (hats, gloves, glasses, etc.) from the lost and found.

*State testing is around the corner for grades 3rd-5th. We would like to have all students participate. But if you choose to opt-out your student, please visit our district website to access this OSAS opt-out form.

*Strategic Planning Survey

Centennial School District 28J is embarking on a long-term strategic planning process that will inform the district’s future direction and priorities. As part of the process, the district has partnered with Performance Fact to develop Student, Staff, and Family/Caregiver surveys. Parents/family members/caregivers, please complete the survey (linked below) designed to gather input about your student's experience in school. The survey is anonymous and will take about 10 minutes to finish.

Survey Window: February 1-28

Family/Caregiver Survey Links:

Family/Caregiver Survey, Survey Window: Feb 1-28





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Standard Response Protocol

At Parklane, we are reviewing our Standard Response Protocols with staff and students. These protocols are standardized procedures we follow to ensure student safety in a school emergency. We’ll be practicing our Safety Drills in school with students to make sure they’re all prepared if an emergency occurs at school. Please make sure to discuss these drills with your children and help them understand the importance of these protocols.

Standard Response Protocols Link

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SUN School

Registration for Winter SUN afterschool classes is now closed, and students will receive notice if they were enrolled:

The Winter SUN term will be January 17 - March 9, Monday-Thursday from 2:30-4:45 pm. Students in Kinder-5th grade are eligible. (Priority for kindergarten enrollment will be given to siblings of older students enrolled in SUN and families with a critical need for childcare.) Afterschool SUN is free and includes one hour of enrichment classes, 30 minutes of homework time, recess, and an afterschool meal.

  • Cafe con Guerreras Latinas next meeting TBD

  • Mental Health Workshops with Guerreras Latinas 5-7 pm on Wednesday 2/1, 2/15, 3/1, 3/15?

  • STEAM Night Feb 23

    • Inviting VR Company, Bikeworks

  • Family Yoga class, cooking class

Contact Andrew Neal at 503-593-5222 or if you have any questions.

Snacks & Wellness Policy

At Parklane, we have several students with food allergies. For this reason, and other issues tied to bringing food into school, we ask that any treats be dropped off in the office and that the teacher is aware that they are being brought to school. Treats for classroom parties and birthdays, therefore, need to be purchased from a bakery or grocery store and must be individually wrapped. In addition, we would like treats to be healthy. No cupcakes, candy, or cookies will be allowed. This is in accordance with our district’s wellness policy.

Food allergies are growing food safety and public health concerns that affect an estimated 8% of children in the United States.

That’s 1 in 13 children or about two students per classroom. A food allergy occurs when the body has a specific and reproducible immune response to certain foods. The body’s immune response can be severe and life-threatening, such as anaphylaxis. Although the immune system normally protects people from germs, in people with food allergies, the immune system mistakenly responds to food as if it were harmful.

DISTRICT WELLNESS POLICY Our Wellness Policy has been updated to address the changing health needs and concerns of our students, and to add choices by making sure that healthier options are available for everyone who wants them. Research shows that students are more academically successful when they have access to nutritious foods and physical activity. New additions to the policy include: * Fundraisers – schools can earn money without compromising the health of students, staff, and families, with projects that sell popular foods like fresh fruits, with traditional fundraisers that are activity based such as “Run For the Arts,” or by selling valuable items like wrapping paper or magazines. * Meal times – schools will work to make the healthier option the easier option for students by offering and promoting more choices in the cafeteria and reducing competition from less nutritious foods like chips and sports drinks. * In the classroom – choices will be available when food is provided at a classroom celebration. For example, if there are cupcakes for a party, a healthy option like fresh-cut fruit will be offered as well. Also, food will not be used as a reward or motivation (such as a bribe or for good behavior). * Physical Activity – research shows that students who move, stretch, or engage in learning activities in the classroom also have better academic and behavioral outcomes. Physical activity will be promoted throughout the school day to encourage students to enjoy movement and exercise. * Drinking water – because water is an essential nutrient and one of the healthiest beverage options, the new policy states that students and staff will have access to fresh drinking water throughout the school day, including in the cafeteria. The new Wellness Policy will be reviewed every year by the Superintendent and the District Wellness Committee and will be communicated for the benefit of students and staff. For more information or resources, please contact the District Wellness Committee: