The foundation of cars will help you to reach your destination fast. if there were no cars it will be hard to reach to your job. Before the foundation of the cars, people have to walk or go on bikes for transportation. Due of technology the cars are getting update after every year.


Calculator will hep you find the answer that is difficult to find for humans. Calculator does multiplication,division, addition and subtraction and other stuff like graphing and co signs. It finds answers to calculations such as fractions, decimals, square root and etc. Back in days, humans have to use there own brain to find answers for difficult calculations.
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Humans have increased there technology over the years,but they also created problems with every technology. Some technology items effect eyes, ears, environment. Transportation such as cars and aeroplanes effect the environment by causing pollution. Electronics such as headphones, phones, games, TV and etc effect your eyes and ears. i hope humans should make items that should not cause any damage to the world