Wart Hog

By: Deanna Peppe


CHOMP CHOMP!!! Do you hear that? That is a warthog eating it's food. In my report, you will learn all about warthogs. You will learn were they live, what they eat and facinating facts. I hope you like my report!!!

Appearance & Classification

Guess what? A warthog's size is 43-53 inches. A warthog is just a little smaller then I am. Male warthogs weigh up to 110-220. Female warthogs weigh up to 20-40 lighter than a male. A warthogs hair is most likely to be brown or black. A warthogs cover has short hair. An interesting feature of a warthog is there tusks and there broad snout. A warthog is a mammal.

Preditor & Prey

Chomp Chomp! Don't be scared! It's just a warthog is just eating it's lunch. A warthog eats grass, bulbs, berries, tree bark, poop, and African buffaloes. A warthog finds it's food from the habitat were they live. A warthog is an omnivore because it eats meat and plants.

A warthog can fight. A warthog will run and hide. Its enemies are hyena, humans, lions, leopards and cheetahs.

Habitat Information

A warthog lives in the grasslands and the savannahs. The climate were warthogs live is sunny,moist and sometimes rains. There home is in the grasslands and where there is lot of thick trees.




Fascinating facts

Here are some fascinating facts. Warthogs eat rino's poop and other warthog's poop. A warthogs head is very large. Warthogs have very poor eyesight. Their tails are long and end in a tuft of hair. When they run there tails go up. Warthogs have great sense of smell. Try not to get a warthog mad or tease them. They will probably chase you, so that would be the time to be scared. But don't scream, they will get even more mad.


I hope you liked my report! I enjoyed writing it. It was a lot of fun learning about warthogs. Snort , snort, snort. Did you learn a lot too?