Frida Perez


The Taiga is the largest biome or all. The Taiga is considered a coniferious forest, beacause of all the pine trees with needles. the taiga is located 50 degrees to the north and the Arctic circle.

Abiotic Factors

The Taiga has very long and cold winters up to at least 6 months and with very low temperatures. It also has very short but extremely hot summers.

The annual precipitation i'm guessing is 10 to 30 inches of rain.

Winter temperatures is -65F - 30f

Summer temperatures is 20F - 70F


There are lots pf gauges so they fill up 'cause of all the precipitaion.

It is also very rocky. There are also lots of trees and hills inthe taiga. There are some valleys and some not so deep canyons.

Biotic Features

There are lots of animals like, moose, snowshoe hares, arctic fox, arctic wolves, squirrels, ermines, elk, deer, wolverines, etc.. There are birds, such as eagles, owls, falcons, snow owls, and snow geese. There are also some insects like, mosquitoes, and ants.

There are some plants to like

Spruce, pine, fir, evergreen, tamarack, birch, aspen

Ecological concerns & issues

People have been logging, mining, and looking for hydroelectric development. The logging apperintly has been clearing out the entire forest. Hydroelectric development has helped but it has damaged the taiga by changing stream habitats. The mining has been a big concern because it may result to be pollution, and will affect the soil and the water. So if your technical that would cause acid rain.

My biome song

I liked this song because it tells about all the biomes in an actual song

Maybe you can show it to the class that way they can learn about their biome