Quinn's Q&A


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Important Dates and Reminders!

November 19th, 2015- Character Breakfast, 8:30am-9:30am

November 20th, 2015- Thanksgiving Meal at Claxton- Our lunch time is 11:40!

November 23rd, 2015- Second Raleigh Payment Due- $35

November 30th, 2015- Make Up Picture Day

December 11th, 2015- Winter Holiday Meal at Claxton

December 16th, 2015- After School Dance

Character Breakfast- November 19th

Our class is very excited about our Character Breakfast coming up on November 19th! They are working very hard to research important people of their choice, and they can't wait to show off everything they have learned.

This project consists of 3 components:

1. Researching your person of choice. This we are doing in class.

2. Writing your Biographic Sketch. This is also done in class.

3. Presenting your biographic sketch. Students will read their biographic sketches at our character breakfast, and they will create a visual representation to go along with their presentation. This could come in many forms-- dressing up as your person, creating a poster or display board, creating a PowerPoint or Prezi, representing your person artistically, etc! Students may choose how they want to do their visual representation. I will give them some class time and provide basic materials for them to work on this in school if they wish, but I realize that this is something many students will want to create at home with their families. If you have any questions about helping your student create their visual representation, please don't hesitate to ask!

We plan to have lots of yummy breakfast foods to enjoy at our Character Breakfast- bagels, pastries, doughnuts, and more! I am in the process of asking for donations from local stores, but if you would like to donate anything or help ask for donations please let me know!

Thanksgiving Luncheon

We are excited about our Thanksgiving Luncheon this Friday, November 20th! Our cafeteria is serving up some great stuff: turkey and dressing, gravy, cranberry sauce, green beans, mashed potatoes, rolls, and fruit. YUM!

This meal costs $5.00 per person. Please try to bring exact exact change if possible, we have limited ability to make change! RSVP as soon as possible on the pink form that went home last Thursday.

Our lunch time is modified, and our class will be eating at 11:40am.

Our Classroom Needs

Hand Sanitizer

Used Chapter Books

Snacks for the class

Clorox Wipes

Peek at the Week

Math: In math this week, we will begin our unit on division. Division is directly tied to multiplication, so please continue to support your student by making sure that they are comfortable with their basic multiplication facts!

Daily Five: We will continue accountability in daily five this week! Each day, the students will track their choices and what they accomplished during each round. Students will have the option to listen to reading, read to someone, read to self, work on words, and work on writing.

In addition to Daily Five, this week we are also learning how to pick out the reasons and evidence that an author uses in making a point.

Writing: We are excited about our Character Breakfast on Thursday! We will spend the week finishing up our writing to present.

Science: We will be taking a pause on science this week in order to sufficiently prepare students for the character breakfast event this week.

"You're off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!"