Eleanor Roosevelt

“What could we accomplish if we knew we could not fail?”


Eleanor Roosevelt grew up in a seemingly toxic family, but came out strong. Even with an alcoholic father, having her mother and brothers die, and having to be brought up by her grandmother, Eleanor still had a positive outlook by continuing her education and practicing her hobbies.

Not Just Another Woman Of Her Time

She was known for her advocation of equal rights for women, African Americans, workers in the US, and poor people. She also encouraged her husband to allow more women in the office, and also allowed female reporters in press conferences held at the White House, which was unusual for the time.

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Marriage To The President

Together the duo had 6 children, one unfortunately dying when he was less than a year old. As her husband became higher up in the political system she had more political roles, like volunteering for Red Cross during World War I. After finding out her husband was having an affair with Lucy Mercer, Eleanor threatened divorce. After the affair ended, the love vanished and the pair became strictly business.