Child Abuse

What is Child Abuse

Child abuse is when a parent is abusing a child in different ways to make him or her stop doing something like to stop him or her crying. “Studies about early childhood development indicate that the brain develops in response to experiences with caregivers, family and the community, and that its development is directly linked to the quality and quantity of those experiences.” There are some effects after being abuse. One is Physical harm, another is mental harm, and the last is emotional harm.

Physical Harm

One of the effects of child abuse is physical harm. Some abusers may physically harm their children to make them stop crying or to make them stop bugging them. During the infant's early stages of development if the baby is being physically abused, some of the infant’s injuries are apparent. Sometimes the abuser try not to leave any visible marks on the infant so that the physical abuse is not discovered. Some observable effects on an infant that has been physically abused are bruises, welts, swelling, difficulty in walking or sitting.

Mental Harm

Another effect of child abuse is mental harm. When the child is mentally harmed it means the the child may have gone through a lot of stress when he was an infant which means that his parents may have yelled at him a lot to stop doing stuff and during the early stages of development, meeting a child's need is important to create the emotional stability and security for a healthy brain development.

Emotional Harm

The last effect of child abuse is emotional harm. Meeting a child's needs creates a “emotional stability and security that is needed for healthy brain development.” A child that has been emotionally harmed may have anxiety, depression, they may use drugs, may harm himself/herself, and they may have an eating disorder.


Clearly, child abuse is a serious problem because it can cause problem to the child like physical harm, mental harm, and emotional harm. These all cause problems to the child like, decreasing it moral, and hitting the child. If you see a child with bruises, stand up and help them.

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