A1. My Future house will be located in Temperate Deciduous Forest Biome in Mississauga. The reason for this choice was the fact that this Biome has longer growing season, higher temperature and good fertile soil. There will be maple, oak and birch trees around my house.

A2. I would like to farm potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, strawberries, and apple in my vegetable garden. These plants will be a really good idea to farm in my vegetable garden because they are all native species to Ontario. By doing this I will save a little money from grocery and it will also be good for the environment.I will only use natural pesticides and will not use any types of fertilizers in my garden.

A3. In my Driveway, there will be a Bicycle and a electric car. A Bicycle creates Zero Pollution and is a great way of exercising. Although an electric car uses electricity to run, it will not produce any sort of pollution. This will be great for the environment. To charge my car i will use solar energy which will save me a lot of money. To be more specific with my electric car I would like to buy The new 2015 Ford Focus electric car. It travels 79 miles for a full charge, which is pretty good for an electric car that only costs just over $30,000.

A4. I would like to include a garbage, compost and recycling as my waste management system in my house.

A5. My family and Myself would like to sponsor a Polar Bear in my local Toronto zoo because their natural habitats are being threatened and they need to be protected. Or else they will go extinct.


B1. The three toxic chemicals that are found in my house which can be harmful to humans and pets are:

- Windex is a toxic chemical in my house. Windex is toxic because it contains ammonia which is a poisonous gas that has been dissolved inside the Windex. This is harmful to humans and pets.

- Laundry detergent is another toxic chemical because the solutions inside it are toxic. This can even lead to cancer.

-Bleach is another toxic chemical inside my house since it contains Sodium hypochlorite, an oxidizer that can burn skin and cause eye damage. It dangerous to humans and pets

B2. Bleach contains Sodium hypochlorite which is made up of sodium, chlorine and oxygen.

B3. Sodium is an Alkali metal.

B4. Sodium is a metal.

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C1. I would like to use a mixture of Solar and wind power as a energy source for my future house. Since both methods are weather dependent, I can use them alternatively, solar power on sunny days and wind power on windy days. solar and wind energy are both renewable energy resources and are sustainable for the future generation.

C2. Types of physical structures that make a house more energy efficient would be a solar panel. Solar panels contain photovoltaic cells that take light energy from the sun and converts it into electricity. I can design a house that reduces wasted energy by having proper insulation throughout the home to prevent heat from escaping out of the home. I can also install a lot of windows which will allow natural lights to come in. By doing this I don't have to use excess electricity, thus saving money and protecting the environment.

C3. I have chosen energy star appliances for my home. The energy star label is given to appliances with a greater energy efficient than regular appliances. And also it uses less energy and does more work in less time using less energy. By doing this it will reduce my cost of expenses. And will be good for the environment.

C4. I would like to include LED light (light emitting diodes) bulbs in my house design because they are more efficient than traditional CFL and Incandescent light bulbs. CFL light bulbs contain a small trace of mercury, which is harmful to humans and the environment.


D1. The two different types of technology that are being used in my future house, which have been developed or have been researched due to space exploration are adjustable smoke detectors and a water filter.

- Adjustable Smoke Detectors: The adjustable smoke detector was invented because NASA engineers needed a way to notify astronauts if a fire started or if there were toxic gases drifting in the air. You can also adjust this device's sensitivity level to prevent false alarms.

-Water Filter: Astronauts needed a way to filter the water they brought with them to space. This invention allowed them to cleanse water in more extreme situations and keep it fresh for long periods of time.

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Home Design

My future house has 3 bedrooms and 2 washrooms. It is powered by Solar and Wind energy.
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