Dealey Dragon Update

August 28, 2021

Message from the Principal

Dear Excellent Dragon Families,

“Peace - It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.” (anonymous)

In spite of any noise and trouble, I have found calm by focusing on the good. Here are some of the moments of good that I observed last week.

  • The First Great Lesson inspiring awe and curiosity in learning how the universe was formed

  • Second graders on an alphabet scavenger hunt remembering they could find X in my office-Xylophone

  • Upper Elementary students helping to clean up after lunch

  • Eighth graders excited about reading and sharing the books they have chosen

  • Upper Elementary students collaboratively working Math tasks explaining their thinking and building on each others’ ideas.

  • Our first ever Dance students performing a dance that they have learned

  • Primary students so good at entering the building independently and walking confidently to breakfast

  • PLCs that starts with and SEL check as we remember to take care of each other

  • 50 Middle Schoolers trying out for the play

  • An entire building doing a successful fire drill without Ms. Knoll to help

  • Beginning orchestra students excited to stay late to practice

  • Soccer practice out on our fields

I am so grateful to each of you, and I wish you peace.

Dragons breathe fire!

Much love,

Ms. Wing

Updates and Information

Carpool Reminders

  • Please do not park on Edgemere. We don’t have No Parking signs, but it is much safer if Edgemere is free of parked cars.

  • Please cross at crosswalks only.

  • Please stay in your car or at the trailhead (soccer is the exception).

  • Please DO NOT park in our carpool lane (even down at the end by the trail).

  • Please stay off your phone.

  • Please do not block any driveways.

  • Please be patient.

  • If you are picking up students older than Primary, please don’t line up until 3:40.

  • Please be kind to our staff and parents that are assisting with carpool. We are just trying to keep everyone safe.

COVID Updates

  • Effective Tuesday, August 10, to protect staff and students from the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant of the coronavirus, Dallas ISD is temporarily requiring all staff, students and visitors to wear masks when on district property.The announcement comes as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Dallas County Health officials have raised the COVID-19 alert to level red and reported that hospitalizations are rising at the fastest rate since the pandemic began, among all age groups, including children.
  • Students under 12 are not eligible for a vaccine, however, school attendance is mandatory, and virtual learning is not an option at this time.
  • In keeping with the top priority of safeguarding the health and well-being of staff and students, the district will continue to provide masks and sanitizer at district facilities and will continue contact tracing.
  • Governor Abbott’s order does not limit the district’s rights as an employer and educational institution to establish reasonable and necessary safety rules for its staff and students. Dallas ISD remains committed to the safety of our students and staff.

Need Help?

Please follow this link to see who to call for what

Important Dates

All Community Dates (George Bannerman Dealey) are here

September 6th Labor Day No School

September 7th Testing window opens: MAP, Circle, TxKEA

September 10th, Progress Reports

Sept. 29 Dialogue with the Superintendent (Zoom TBD)

STAFF - 4:45-5:30pm

COMMUNITY- 5:45-6:30pm

Sept 30 Deadline for GT parent nomination email Ms. Cole (

Shout Outs!

If you would like to send some love to a staff member, please complete this form.

Ms. Winners, Ms. Simmons and Nurse Dunlap for helping out in so many ways beyond their normal job

Ms. Marino and Ms. Chandler for collaboration on a Saturday

Ms. Bandeali for sharing her insights

Ms.Chavez for sharing her office this week

Ms. Lacey for taking care of our kids

Ms. Moschioni for keeping us on track for LPAC

Ms. Lavat, Ms. Hanley, Ms. Durkin, Ms. Cho and Ms. Testut for excellent PLC prep

Ms. Cole, Ms. Seay and Ms. Chandler for all of the hustle at carpool

From our community:

Jill Emery has been the mentor of any teacher's dreams. She teaches me every day and also sees value in what I offer. Thank you for everything.Meinhardt

Ms. Winners was so very attentive and helpful to me and my child as newbies at meet the teacher night! Made us feel so welcome.Ms. Hill

Ms. Wing took the time to accommodate each parent. So very nice and willing to stop, help, and listen. Thank you!Ms. Hill

Mrs. Daroche -So welcoming! Great at explaining the flow of the class and providing pertinent information.Ms. Hill

Mrs. Chavez for supporting with TIP WEB. You have the patience of Job! Lisa Simmons

Ms. Colon, Mrs. Gurtowski, & Mrs. Singer all of you jumped in to help with Laptop Distribution. You ran from one end of the school and back again. The best! Lisa Simmons