Two Positions in Lacrosse



  • In lacrosse the mid-fielder is very important because he plays defense and offense and has to run the length of the field every time the other team or they get the ball. The Middies usually have the most goals in the season. The middies have to play defense when they run with the other team. The fastest kids on a lacrosse team are usually middies.


  • In lacrosse the attack is very important because they play offense and they score also score lots of goals. If you are an attack you don't have to run that much because you stay back with the defense men. There are 3 attack players on the field. When the your team has the ball one of the attack men goes behind the goal and the other two go on the side of the goal. The attack usually gets the ball when it goes out of bounds to restart play.


Facts About Lacrosse