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Welcome to Deer Creek's Principal Post: 5|13|16

Inspiration Just Ahead


It's May and you might be running low on fuel. You're not sure how you're going to make it to next Friday, much less the end of the year. That's why I've rounded up this clip, for whenever you need a little extra motivation. A student told me during lunch buddies yesterday that she does not want the school year to end because she'll miss "being around her family." This is from one of our 3rd graders, folks!

This short clip about EMPATHY may reignite that special spark that makes you so good at what you do.

Brené Brown on Empathy

Great Things At Deer Creek This Week

  • Step-Up Day - A great day to make students curious about next year!
  • K4 students show off their Kindergarten readiness skills.
  • 8th Grade Honors Algebra went totally blended this week. Each student had access to the new teacher laptops we just purchased. We had to brake them in for you! :)
  • 1st grade read to 5th grade. Seems flipped, right? Check out the giant books! (picture below)
  • K3 Donuts for Dad! Great way to get our fathers involved.
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On The Docket

Monday, May 16

  • MAP
  • 7/8th at Twin Lakes

Tuesday, May 17

  • MAP
  • Faculty Devotions @ 8:00a
  • 7/8th at Twin Lakes

Wednesday, May 18

  • MAP
  • Faculty Meeting @ 3:20 in Mr. Kuiper's Room (1 hour, or less)
  • 7/8th at Twin Lakes

Thursday, May 19

  • MAP
  • Lower Chapel at 9:00a, Upper Chapel at 2:20p

Friday, May 20
  • MAP Make-Ups


Saturday, MAY 21: DCCS Golf Outing at Lincoln Oaks

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Have a great weekend, team!