Why we should have a kitten.

For Daddy

Kind Kittens

  • They are adorable, obviously.
  • Kittens are a good distraction from devices.
  • It is fun to play with them and their toys.
  • It will bring all of us children and Mommy great joy.
  • They can be used as heated pillows/stuffed animals.
  • If we get 2, they can keep each other company.
  • They can teach the children and you responsibility.
  • If mice invade our house, we will have a kitten to protect us.
  • I will not whine about getting a cat/kitten anymore.
Top 10 cute kitten videos compilation

Tips and ideas

  • We should get 2 or 10 to keep each other company.
  • After you touch one, wash your hands and don't rub the kitten in your face or eyes.
  • We should get a really fat and fluffy one so it's even more squish-able.
  • One of them has to be a girl named fizzy.
  • They should be small and 2 weeks old.
Kittens Do Things For The First Time
I know you love kittens and you are just really grumpy and don't want one. Trust me, you will not be grumpy anymore and will be so happy. So please, pllllllease get me 2 kittens. I didn't put together this whole flyer just so you could crush all my hopes and dreams. Kittens will cause great amusement to you because they are so clueless it's cute.



(P.S If you say no I will literally tickle torture you until you either die or let me have 2 kittens.)