Plain Truth

Tabiatha King

Jodi Picoult has always been one of my favorite authors. She's never failed to blow my mind every time I read one of her books. This time Jodi has gone out of the waters with this book. I mean an Amish girl killing her own baby? Nobody around the town wants to believe she did such a horrible thing to her own kid, but what do you do when all the evidence and doctors say she has had a baby. Now Ellie has to live on the same ranch as the Amish girl, all to prove the case is wrong and people are digging in the wrong hole.

Where the Green Grass Grows

I choose this song because the Amish believe in minding there own business and I think this song suits this book because their there own world and raise their kids way different then we where. No electronics. Tim McGraw is singing about making sure his life is what he wants and maybe not so much what the world says it should be


Fifteen fits the situation the Amish girl is in because at an young age adults tend to make you feel like your supposed to be a grown up, but yet when you do something they treat you like your still a child. Her dad may not have been too happy about the boy that kept lingering around, but being a young girl she thought her life was made.....until she ended up being pregnant and leaving her baby. I bet she doesn't feel so grown up now.

These Are My People

This song really explains how the Amish work. Nobody can mess around with the Amish without the whole Amish clang. They protect each other and make sure that they help each other. So when some random detective comes into the picture and accuses an Amish member of something she may or may not have done the whole town of Amish people try to make them leave.

Bless the Broken Road

I can't imagine what it would feel like to lose a child. This song explains what it feels like to lose someone who was so close to you. I believe that even tho the baby was on a couple hours old, the child and it's mother still bonded because nine months is a long time to figure out how someone works. She never wanted to lose her kid, but it was no way her fault.