Remediation and Enrichment Chance

Replace or Improve your score on the Acceleration Project!

Do You Want a Better Grade on Your Acceleration Project?

I notice in looking over the grades that a number of people did not score well on the Acceleration Project earlier this semester. I am therefore offering the following remediation opportunity.

What do I do?

Go to this Glencoe virtual lab site. Complete all steps of the lab as directed.

Submit a Word document to me with screenshots of the race results and journal entries (rather than "print", take a screenshot after you answer). If you do not have software to take screenshots, you can download Jing for free here.

How do I submit the assignment?

Complete the lab, and you may have your choice of the following two options:

Replace your existing grade with whatever new grade you earn


Add 10% to the existing grade (grades cannot exceed 100% - the computer gets mad)

This is open to everyone. I have created a dropbox folder specifically for this opportunity (under Module 2). It will not accept submissions after May 3 at midnight.

Indicate in the comments for your dropbox submission whether this is a replacement for your existing grade (remediation) or bonus to the score you have (enrichment).