September Newsletter 2019

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From the Principal

Greeting Cougars!

Well, it is hard to believe, but September has come and gone like a whirlwind. And, with the leaves turning and cold weather coming, I think it is safe to say that fall is officially here!

In reflecting on this past month, I am once again in awe of my fellow Cougar staffers and students. Perhaps the biggest highlight of this month was our Homecoming Week. I was amazed by the amount of school spirit that filled our four walls. Our students did an amazing job of decorating the hallways, dressing up for spirit days, and engaging in some healthy class vs. class competition as we banned together to celebrate being Cougars! From Powder Puff, to a rain-delayed football game, to one of the most well attended dances in school history...our students, staff, and community really made the most of this week. Special thanks to our Student Council, and their fearless leader Ms. Sullivan, for planning many fun-filled events for us all to enjoy. Thanks also to the Clinton Police and Fire Department, and to Peck Ford for all of their help with making our parade possible.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy this edition of the CHS Newsletter! As always, please feel free to contact me if there is anything we can do at CHS to better serve your needs.

Tori Franz


Work-Based Learning Update (Summer 2019)

Many of our students take Summer as a break from traditional classroom learning, but that does not stop a large group of our students from participating in work-based learning and gaining hands-on experience. Three Youth Apprenticeship students advanced from Level 1 to Level 2 over the summer requiring them to complete 900 hours of work, four semesters of related instruction and additional units within their pathways of Health, Agriculture, and Hospitality before graduation. I am very proud of these students’ accomplishments and can’t wait to see what they achieve this year. Some of our students also began working hours over the summer towards Level 1 starting this school year. Alex Gill started working at First National Bank and Trust as a student learner in the Finance Pathway. We currently have 30 students participating in Level 1 Youth Apprenticeship in Agriculture, Construction, Health, Hospitality, Finance, Marketing, and Manufacturing. Students participated in a variety of different career exploration opportunities in our county this summer.

This summer we had three students participate in the Rock Internship Program. The Rock Internship Program is a 6-week structured, paid internship model that provides rising High School Seniors with meaningful career pathway experiences and skill development tools. Cynthia Lara spent her internship learning hands-on marketing and communication skills in the Marketing Department at Blackhawk Technical College. Jordyn Waite interned at Beloit Health System using the patient portal and job shadowing in other areas of interest at the hospital. Drew Holloway worked at SASid working on a technology asset tracking system and a COBRA Insurance project. As you can see below in the picture SASid is a unique working environment that Drew really thrived in. He is continuing to work for them this school year as a Youth Apprenticeship in the Finance Pathway. At the end of the program, each of the students presented a recap of what they learned on the job at the program graduation. These students also represented our school well and I cannot thank the businesses enough for offering this opportunity to our students this Summer.

A handful of our students took advantage of the Nursing Assistant classes offered through CareerTek this summer. A group of seven Sophomore, Junior, and Senior students took the course and passed the state exam. We are very fortunate that CareerTek received the Health Care Forward Grant last year and serviced our students by helping pay for class, materials, and required health requirements; making this opportunity feasible to all our students. (Pictures Below)

Historical Tid-Bit

About Kelsey Kueter's grandparents!

- They were homecoming king and queen in 1958

- Robert Braukhoff & Carol Shorts were part of the class of 1959

- They were the first class to graduate from the "new high school" (now middle school)

- They got married in 1961

- They had three children graduate from CCSD

- My grandmother made her wedding dress and I had it altered and wore it for my wedding reception!

- My husband and I live on the family farm that has been in the Braukhoff family for over 100 years!

Homecoming - A Night in the Cities

CHS 2019 Homecoming went as smoothly as it could, despite the weather! Our theme this year was A Night in the Cities, so all of our dress-up days and activities revolved around a famous United States city. Homecoming began on Friday, September 20, 2019, as students began to decorate their grade-level hallways with their assigned themes: Freshmen had Hollywood, Sophomores had Las Vegas, Juniors had New York and Seniors had New Orleans. Hallways were judged by our homecoming judges, and it was decided that the Sophomores had the best hallway! Then came Men’s Volleyball and Ladies’ PowderPuff on Sunday, September 22nd. While there were no weather issues for the inside volleyball game (despite the fact that the seniors came in last), the tremendous amount of rain forced the ladies inside to play their football game; however, the rain must have brought the senior ladies luck as they came in 1st overall in the football tournament!

It was then officially homecoming week with our dress-up days. Students dressed up all week for the assigned days: Monday was Meme Monday, Tuesday was Tacky Tourist Tuesday, Wednesday was Color Wars Wednesday, Thursday was Flash Forward Thursday and Friday was Spirit Day. While many students looked awesome all week, the sophomores took 1st in the most spirit points in dress-up days.

Finally, our pep assembly, parade and football game was upon us. Students, dressed in their Cougar Blue, filled the stands in the gym to begin the pep assembly as our amazing CHS Band pumped them up for the event. The homecoming court first introduced to the crowd: Freshmen representatives were Gio Aceves and Madison Sullivan; Sophomore representatives were Mason Gordan and Libby Schultz; Junior representatives were Grant Howard and Sydney Sanders, and our Senior representatives were Tyler Dominy and Mandi Shallenberger; Caleb Ellefson and Elyssa Pope, Logan Lutzow and Michelle Mulligan, Luis Esquivel and Maddie Rankin. Our Homecoming King and Queen were Drew Holloway and Courtney Mullooly. We sure did have an amazing court! As the pep assembly went on, competitive games like the Partner Game, lip sync battles (which I know the teachers technically won) and the Storytelling game were played for spirit points. The seniors took two out of the three games played for spirit points. We recognized all of our Fall sports and closed the assembly with a shout out of good luck to the football team before we announced the winners of the pep assembly: the Sophomores won 1st place in spirit points; however, the Juniors took 1st place in overall PBIS points for the week. Congrats to these classes!

Homecoming Video Highlights

Take a Look at the Homecoming Highlights in the video below!

Cross Country Spotlight

The Clinton High School Cross Country team has worked extremely hard to get ready for Rock Valley Conference and Sectionals in the next few weeks. We are a small team with 6 females and 8 males, but their hard work is evident in their performances, especially Quinn McCabe. Quinn has medaled in all but one race this year. His hard work has help fuel the cross country team to continue to improve each race. We will be hosting our first home meet in 8 years at Cecelia’s Golf Course on Tuesday, Oct 8th starting at 4:00 pm. The team is excited to be hosting a meet and showing their talents to the Clinton community. RVC meet is Oct 17 at UW-Whitewater. Sectional meet is Oct 26 at UW-Whitewater.


The Clinton FFA members had a busy summer! Students participated in the Rock County Fair and the Wisconsin State Fair! We had a variety of members exhibit dairy, beef, swine, poultry, sheep, and much more! Members and Alumni teamed up to work a successful shift in the Farm Bureau tent as well! We had three members participate in the Wisconsin State FFA Honors Band that performed at the State FFA Convention in June and at the State Fair in August! All exhibitors represented our chapter well!

The school year has been off to an eventful start for FFA members! The FFA students have had their tractor day, recruitment week, September chapter meeting, homecoming float, FFA Alumni Porkchop Dinner and Section Leadership Workshop! Coming up we have our October chapter meeting on Wednesday, October 16th at 7:30am in room 310 at the high school! We will also have 7 members represent us at the National FFA Convention and Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana at the end of this month! Time flies when you’re having fun! Be on the lookout for fruit sale order! Students will be out selling by mid October! If you have a student interested in joining FFA, membership forms are available on the door of room 310!

Wisconsin State FFA Honors Band - Clinton FFA Members are: Kenny Ballmer, Jen Burno, Rachel Burno (Pictured Below)

Big picture

Latino Family Outreach Event

Monday, Oct. 14th, 5-6pm

112 Milwaukee Street

Clinton, WI

The Clinton Community School District will host a Latino family night on October 14 from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at CHS (LMC) to welcome our Latino families. This event will provide information about the resources offered in our District as well as intends to create opportunities to promote participation in the various activities held by the School District.


Anatomy & Physiology - students have learned all of their directional terms and are delving into the integumentary system. Microscopes are our new friend in being able to distinguish the difference between different types of tissue. Seeing the structure of the different tissues helps us connect to our understanding of their different functions

AP Biology - Students are well on their way to preparing for the AP Exam in May! Topics coming up in October include cells and cell communication. A reminder that the registration deadline for all AP exams is at the beginning of November.

Biology - Students are exploring and perfecting their lab skills with constructing their own experiments to determine if Yeast is Alive! They used microscopes and learned about safety in the lab. They have also been honing their reasoning skills and interpreting data. Using critical thinking to determine how reasonable data is and being able to use data to provide evidence for their interpretations is a skill they are going to be using all year!! In October, Students are learning the connections between chemistry and biology and the molecules that interact to control the biological world. This is leading is into cell structure and function by the end of the month.

Chemistry: Exciting chemical reactions are taking place in chemistry, with students exploring physical and chemical properties of Matter. Mixtures were separated in the lab using the understanding of the differing properties of the substances in the mixture. Students also gained access to their online textbook resources.

Physics students have completed their study of linear motion and have begun study of motion in two dimensions. Students are eager to learn about projectiles whether it be in sports such as golf or basketball or about the trajectory of cannonballs. Students are developing their problem-solving abilities daily.

Social Studies

World History:

Students in Mr. Manske's World History just finished their mini-unit on the Silk Road with a simulation reenacting the supply and demand side of the road. In AP World Students are watching the barbarians inch closer and closer to the gates of Rome. Soon one of the most famous barbarians of all time will arrive - Genghis Khan - and students will put him on trial. Psychology students are looking at childhood development and the interaction of parents with their children. Global Studies students are finishing up their Globalization Unit by talking about Terrorism. They just finished watching a documentary about a film crew that was embedded with a New York Fire Department on 9/11.

Global Studies:

Students in Global Studies analyzed the original arguments for and against NAFTA. They then looked at the following years to see which argument won. Finally, they had to create a poster showing their arguments and findings.

Mr. Crivello's Class

My APUSH class is currently involved in creating biographies of men and women during the years of 1500-1783. We will also begin the first case study dealing with the formation of the US Constitution and federal power. This is a series of cases Mr. Crivello studied at Harvard this past summer and is incorporating this material into his history classes this year.

Economics classes have started the unit on microeconomics and the use of graphs in supply and demand. We will also be exploring concepts such as elasticity and inelasticity of supply and demand.

US History classes just concluded the unit on the American Revolution. They will be writing about this on their first DBQ (document-based question) of the year.

World History has been studying ancient civilizations such as the Greeks and the Romans. We are at work on a powerpoint project examining the Silk Road and the implications and influences the road had on eastern and western civilizations.


Clinton High School started Esports last year with great success! Watch the 3-minute video below to learn more about our Esports team!

Badger Boys and Girls State

On Sep 26, 2019, the American Legion Hosted a Pot Luck Supper in honor of the Badger Boys and Girls who attended camp at Ripon and Oshkosh this past June. They were very informative about their experiences in learning how the Government works and of what they learned from attending. They also learned how to be more open to others and to come out of their inner shells.

Attending this camp this year is Elyssa Pope; Maddie Rankin; Gillian McCabe and Drew Holloway. The other boy from Clinton was unable to attend so another Post in Wisconsin put in an Alternate. We do this every year for these students to attend this camp in June.

Internet Safety Information

Parent Portal by Securly (For Parents)
Parent Portal and SecurlyHome
Big picture

Helpful Information From The Department Of Public Instruction Website

Cyberbullying - use of technology to harass, threaten, embarrass or target another individual or group. This is a serious issue and happens mainly among young people, but not always. Cyberbullies can be classmates, online acquaintances, and even anonymous users, but most often they do know their victims.

What to look for:

Common Sense Media - Cyberbullying

  • Child avoids computer, cell phone or other devices or appears stressed when receiving e-mail, instant messages or texts
  • Withdraws from activities with family and/or friends or is reluctant to attend school/social events
  • Avoids conversations about use of devices
  • Seems depressed or displays low self-esteem
  • Poor eating or sleeping habits
  • Use of drugs or alcohol

What Cyberbullying Isn't

Though it is important to understand what cyberbullying is and how to recognize it, it is also important to understand what cyberbullying is NOT. Cyberbullying is NOT:

  • Bullying someone to their face
  • Teasing a good friend over email
  • Posting non-embarassing pictures of you and.or your friends
  • Defending yourself online against a cyberbully
  • Writing nasty things about someone else in your private diary

How to Prevent Cyberbullying

  • Know What Your Kids Are Doing Online
    • Know which sites your child visits or the activities they take part in online
    • Establish a technology agreement with your child and let them know you have the right to review online communications at any time if you have a concern
    • Use a parental control filtering software program to monitor online behavior
    • Set up online accounts and passwords WITH your child so you have the information in case of emergency
    • Place your home computer in a high-traffic area in the house
    • "Friend" or "follow" your child on social media sites
    • Educate your child about cyberbullying and encourage them to tell you immediately if they feel they have been cyberbullied
  • Have Frequent Discussions With Your Child About What to Look For (possible discussion topics):
    • Have you ever been upset with someone online? How did you deal with it?
    • Has someone ever sent you a mean message online? How did it make you feel?
    • If you knew someone was being cyberbullied, what would you do?
    • Do you know where to report cyberbullying on the sites you use? Who would you talk to at school?

Upcoming Events and Important Dates

October 7th- Professional Development Day

October 8th- Cross Country @ Cecelia's Home 4 pm

October 8th- JV FB vs Turner @ home 4:45 pm

October 10th- Flu Shot Clinic 1-5 pm

October 10th- Volleyball Senior Night

October 10th- VB vs Whitewater @ Home 5/6:30 pm

October 11th- FB, Cheer, CC, and Golf (Parent/Senior Night)

October 12th- VB RVC @ Edgerton 5/6:30 pm

October 14th- Latino Family Outreach Night 5-6 pm (LMC)

October 15th- JV @ Evansville 4:45 pm

October 16, 2019- Picture Retake Day

October 17th- Senior Parent Meeting (LMC)- Parents Guide To The Application Process

October 18th- V FB @ Evansville 7:00 pm

October 19th- Cheer Competition

October 31- Jostens Senior Class Meeting (Advisory)