Nuclear Fusion Discovery

By: Camryn Solomon


Today is 5/5/16 and my name is Camryn Solomon. My lab, Energizer Lab, has created a way for nuclear fusion to be used for energy! We just recently discovered technology that will allow us to use nuclear fusion as an alternative energy source.

What is Nuclear Fusion?

Nuclear Fusion is the joining of 2 or more atomic atoms that then produce energy. You may have heard of nuclear fission, which is completely different form nuclear fusion. Nuclear fission is the breaking down of a larger atom into smaller atoms. While they have similar names, nuclear fusion produces ton of energy.

Safety Precautions

Nuclear fusion is a relatively safe energy source. There are only a few precautions that come with the use of nuclear fusion. One of the precautions that come with this kind of energy, for instance, one of the things would be transportation of some of the radioactive materials used for this reaction. But other than that, this is a safe energy source to use.

Economic Impact

Nuclear fusion is economically perfect for us. It is cost effective and clean for our environment as well. The people running the plants say that they can get them to run at 4 cents per kilowatt hour. This would make nuclear fusion competitive for the already existing energy we use. If we used nuclear fusion, we could live in a world without energy limitations and it would also be a cleaner alternative to the energy we use now, letting our planet last longer for future generations.