How to get going

What is football?

Football is an exciting sport to get you fit. It is very popular around Wales and we are sure that you have heard about it before. There are certain positions that you can play. The first international football game was in the year 1863 in London, England. But the first game on Match of the day was Arsenal v Liverpool in the Anfield stadium. It is a simple game that you try to score more goals than the other team.

The Rules

The basic rules of football are:

When you tackle you must kick the ball. If you don't kick the ball and you kick the player you are likely to get a yellow card by the referee. If you get another yellow card you get a red card which means you will get sent off the pitch. You can get an instant red card by hurting a player badly but it doesn't happen very often. It's obvious too you are not to touch the ball with your hands. Only if you're the goal-keeper and you`re in the box.

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The goalkeeper is the only one that can touch the ball with his hands.The goalkeeper can save shots and penalties. The Goalkeeper can get yellow or red cards in a match like every other player on the pitch.The goalkeeper`s nickname is goalie.

Things you need in a Club

History of football

The first game on Match of the day was Arsenal v Liverpool in Anfield Stadium. The first international game was in 1863 in England,London. But the first internatial friendly was Scotland v England and the score was 0-0 in Hamilton Crecent. The referee was William Keay on 30 November 1872.
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Greatest Footballers

These are a few of the greatest footballers of all time



Ronaldo=Real Madrid=Portugal




George Best=Retired=Northen Ireland


Here is Messi playing in a game

if you want to know how to be the best click this

This is our Dream Team

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We hoped this helped you with your football