Week 6- 1.5 more weeks to go!

Revising, Proofing, Professionalism

Week 5 - Recap

Building upon Week4's thesis statement, we created body paragraphs that should support each of the sub-topics found in the thesis statement.

Using the thesis statement as a guide and the body of the paper develops.

So, they relate and the essay can be just as structured as a simple math problem.
1 + 3 = 4
Thesis + Three support = Essay -

Okay... most of the essay. There's still the conclusion. =)

How to Revise an Essay

Next Step - Revising and Proofing

This week, we explore how and why revision is important. Writers tend to--
  • –Revise for unity
  • –Revise for adequate support
  • –Revise for coherence
  • –Revise for style
  • –Edit for technical errors

However, revision is -- not -- simply limited to school.
Think of the last time you may have to revise what needed to be done for a week or quickly reconsider what to cook for dinner.

What caused these revisions, when you where sure your idea for movie night and hamburgers on Saturday would have been fine! What made you change your plans and revise the weekend?

Assignments - Due by Saturday.

This week's activities include:

W6: Inserting Paragraph Breaks
W6: Quiz
W6: Reflection