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Lectionary-Based Playlist /Issue 29/October 18, 2020

I am the LORD and there is no other, there is no God besides me.

This week's readings echo the First Commandment and remind us that we belong to God; we are God's forever! We are also reminded that everything belongs to God and we must give to God in return; that is the idea of stewardship. As a family this week, take a good look at your blessings. God has created a wonderful world for us that often gets lost in the "noise" of human free will and error. For what can you praise God this week? How can you prioritize God in your family's schedule? What can you give to God in return?

Choose one or two items from this playlist to help your family focus on the first commandment, your love of God and prayers of praise!



Family Stories:

  • "Just in Case you Ever Wonder" by Max Lucado
  • "God is" by Caroline Peters
  • "God is Always With Me: Psalm 139" by Dandi Daley MacKall
  • "Tales of the Ten Commandments" by Jared Dees for a free sample, follow this link:
Articles for Parents:

This article from the Decatur religion column helps us to consider what other gods we worship in modern day. This makes for a great family conversation with teens!

Here is another thought-provoking post from America magazine:
If your teen expresses disbelief in God:

Article for Teens: To consider how social media acts as a false god in your life; this article is for older teens or for teens and parents to read and discuss together:


  • Make a list of all the things in your life that takes your focus off of God
  • Can you write the Ten Commandments in your own words and give examples of how we might honor or disobey each one?
  • Fall is a great time to notice the wonder of God's creation. Write a poem or prayer in praise of creation.
  • Try these worksheets about Stewardship:


Enjoy one or both of these 3 minute retreats from Loyola Press to help you focus on your connection to God. Follow through the retreat by clicking on the curved arrows you will find on the retreat screen!


You Have Called Us


Kids' Survival Tip #1 - Put God First
How to Be a Steward
The Creed
First Commandment


Try these online games from OSV to reinforce this week's theme. Click on the link for Our Sunday Visitor below to bring you to the game menu! There are many to choose from that highlight God's creation, the Commandments, the Trinity and more!


  • Give to God what is God's this week by giving back! How can you serve others? Consider gathering food, clothing or other donations for a local charity in need or contact your local shelter to see what is needed to prepare for the impending cold weather. Many organizations are already collecting for Thanksgiving and can you get on board?
  • Do you know what God looks like? Draw your own image of God. Encourage everyone in the family to draw a picture of God and create your own God gallery!!


  • Look at the changing leaves outside. Have you ever wondered how God decided to create all the beauty in the world?
  • Where do you think God lives? Do you think God is only in heaven or right beside you?
  • Do you think God knows when you don't honor God? How do you think God feels about that?
  • Many believe that we can't give a male or female pronoun to God because God is bigger and greater than we could ever imagine; what do you think?


MONOTHEISM: Belief in ONE God instead of many

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