About me !!

Jennifer Monsivais

My family

I have 2 sisters ,1 brother and my parents . One of my sisters is 10 years old,my other sister is 3 and my brother is 7 years old .

What are my interests ?

I like to go outside, draw and color , play soccer with my neighbor ,ride my bike ,and practice my music and I love to work with my dad in the outdoors .
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I love having fun with my siblings !

I love my family and my life .

My future goals

I'm planning on going to college and to get a job as a nurse or doctor because I love to help people . I also want to fix my parents papers so we can travel together and experience different cultures around the globe . I also wanna make my parents proud of me and happy .

My school goals

My school goals is to do better on the Staar test and do good in school .