Health Class @ LME with Ms. Stacy

January 17 - January 21

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Transitional Kindergarten - Watch My Body Grow

This week we are finishing Unit 2. By the end of this week's lesson, students will be able to describe life changes from infancy to transitional kindergarten. Students will demonstrate independence and self-care skills. Finally, students will perform an age appropriate chore.

Weekly Vocabulary: baby, child, teenager, grown-up, job

Next Week: Food for My Body (Unit 3)

Upcoming Units:

Unit 3 - Food for My Body

Unit 4 - Meet My Family

Unit 5 - Special You, Special Me

Unit 6 - I Stay Healthy

Unit 7 - Good Things In, Bad Out

Unit 8 - Clean and Dirty

Unit 9 - My Healthy World

Unit 10 - Fit and Fun

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Kindergarten - Families and the Community

This week we are finishing Unit 4. By the end of this week's lesson, kindergarten students will be able to define the word community and tell what communities do to help them and their families. Students will explain the value of rules and laws in a community. Kindergartens will name people (roles) that make the neighborhood or town/city/community a better place for their family to live. Finally, students will think about how Little Mountain Elementary could be called a "community."

Unit 4 Vocabulary: family, team, rules, community, special

Next Week: All Bodies are Different (Unit 5)

Upcoming Units:

Unit 5 - My Body is Special!

Unit 6 - Going to the Doctor and Dentist

Unit 7 - My Great Body!

Unit 8 - Getting Sick

Unit 9 - Keeping Clean and Healthy

Unit 10 - Every Day, Play!

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First Grade - Medicine Can Mean Trouble

This week we are finishing Unit 4. By the end of this week's lesson, first-grade students will identify medicines as drugs. We will learn to respect rules about taking medicines. Students will locate and inspect for safety the best places to keep medicines in a home. Finally, students will use decision-making skills to decide not to eat something that they are unsure is safe.

Unit 4 Vocabulary: medicine, drug, germs, hospital, sick

Next Week: How Do We Talk? How Do We Listen? (Unit 5)

Upcoming Units:

Unit 5 - Talk and Listen

Unit 6 - Happy, Sad, and In Between

Unit 7 - Drugs Are Trouble

Unit 8 - Get Well Soon

Unit 9 - How I Breathe

Unit 10 - Run, Jump, and Skip

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Second Grade - Have a Heart

This week we are finishing Unit 4. By the end of this week's lesson, second-grade students will be able to explain why the heart is used as a symbol of love and caring. Students will show why caring for other people is important in making you feel good about yourself. We will practice showing ways to be kind and helpful to others. Finally, students will predict the consequences of being nice to a variety of people in different situations.

Unit 4 Vocabulary: heart, blood, stethoscope, chamber, valve, oxygen

Next Week: Understanding and Coping with Common Fears (Unit 5)

Upcoming Units:

Unit 5 - When I Feel Afraid

Unit 6 - Babies...And How You Grew

Unit 7 - Drugs Are Dangerous

Unit 8 - Germs! They Make You Sick

Unit 9 - My Skin and Me

Unit 10 - Muscles in Motion

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Third Grade - Your Community - Keep it Drug and Violence Free!

This week we are finishing Unit 4. By the end of this week's lesson, third-grade students will be able to identify how drugs and violence hurt a community. Students will commit to doing their part to keep our community drug and violence free. We will practice refusal skills and list different ways people can help prevent violence in the community.

Unit 4 Vocabulary: community, pollution, environment, landfill, recycle, violence, EPA, aluminum, sanitation workers, buried

Next Week: Attitudes, Values, and Goals (Unit 5)

Upcoming Units:

Unit 5 - I Like Your Attitude!

Unit 6 - My Family, Your Family!

Unit 7 - Saying NO to Smoking, Drinking, and Drugs

Unit 8 - Things You Might Catch

Unit 9 - When Bodies Have Challenges

Unit 10 - Finding Out About Bones

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Fourth Grade - Smoking and Your Community

This week we are finishing Unit 4. By the end of this week's lesson, fourth-grade students will describe the effects of smoking, including secondhand smoke, on a community. We will create a system for students to remind themselves how important their great body is to them and why they should avoid things that would harm them. Students will respond in a healthful way to situations involving secondhand smoke. Finally, students will apply decision-making skills to determine the most healthful action when confronted with secondhand smoke.

Unit 4 Vocabulary: advocate, emphysema, blood clot, permanent, lung cancer, tumor, nicotine, addictive, cilia, alveoli

Next Week: Taking Care of Your Body (Unit 5)

Upcoming Units:

Unit 5 - Its My Body

Unit 6 - Be Cool, Keep Clean!

Unit 7 - Stay Drug Free! Build Your Assets!

Unit 8 - Puzzled About Germs (HIV/AIDS)

Unit 9 - Your Incredible Hearing Machine

Unit 10 - Exercise!

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Fifth Grade - Pollution in the Community

Please note *CRIMMINS STUDENTS* - Crimmins' class will have a lesson on depression and suicide prevention. (Carpenter & Otterholt will have this lesson next week).

This week we are finishing Unit 4. By the end of this week's lesson, fifth-grade students will be able to explain community risk factors for lung disease. Students will support a community effort that advocates healthy lungs. Fifth-grade students will identify community agencies that are connected with community and respiratory health. Finally, students will use decision-making skills to select a community project advocating healthy lungs.

Unit 4 Vocabulary: respiratory system, cilia, trachea, bronchi, bronchiole, alveoli, diaphragm, emphysema, lung cancer, tar, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, addictive, nicotine

Next Week: Your Emotions and Your Body (Unit 5)

Upcoming Units:

SOS - Signs of Suicide

Unit 5 - Those Crazy, Mixed-Up Emotions

Unit 6 - Growing Up

Unit 7 - Danger Ahead: The Truth About Drugs

Unit 8 - About Blood and Disease

Unit 9 - All of the Right Stuff

Unit 10 - Bones and Muscles

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Fifth Grade Parent Resources - Depression & Suicide Prevention

During the month of January, we will be teaching one depression and suicide prevention lesson to all 5th grade classes.

Class Schedule:

January 20 - Crimmins

January 26 - Carpenter

January 28 - Otterholt

Please click the links below for additional resources.

Parent Letter

Parent Webinar

Signs of Suicide Website

ACT Parent Handbook

ACT Parent Handbook (Sp)

Treating Depression in Your Child

Community Resources

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