Still Living or Extinct?


Have you've ever wondered about the crazy species of Megalodons? Many people think their living and dead, but no one really this article to find out if what I just stated was truth or false!!

A Bit of the History of the Giant Creature

It is recorded that the Megalodons lurked around the waters about 1.5 - 2 million years ago, during the Cenozoic Era. There are thought to be 2 interpretations; Carcharodon and Carcharocles. Now abbreviated as C. Megalodon, is known to be the largest and most robust beast of prey in Vertebrate history.

Facts with Pictures!

Top Frequently Asked Question;

The top question asked;

Are megalodons still living? It is very a curious theory that the the giant sharks are still living, but many scientists and paleontologists have recorded and hypothesized many theories but, no one actually knows, since no one knows how they went extinct, so there will always be a thought of them still living.

More Fun Facts!

1.) Megalodons had the most powerful bite compared to any creature living, most likely everything living it ate, must have died instantly.

2.) One of the favorite foods of the creature, was the giant whales, as you can see in the picture below, it mainly ate the fins which made the whales disabled or somewhat drown.

3.) The closest relation of shark still living is the Great White Shark!

4.) Fossils of the huge creature are found, all of the world so they may not of just lived in salt water and fresh water alone, but everywhere.

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Watch Parts of the Video Below

If you have already heard of the Discovery Channel, you must know that they are known for displaying false documentary's. They have played documentaries of mermaids and megalodons! They used fake scientists and professors and fake photo-shopped pictures and videos that were displayed for millions to see, and for hours on end. Many of those people were upset, and I do not blame them for displaying such false lies. But the video below is an actual documentary from National Geographic of Megalodons.
Documentary Megalodon Giant Shark Documentaries BBC