Eating Disorders

Speak out. Dont let your body suffer.

About Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are characterised by an abnormal attitude towards food that causes someone to change their eating habits and behaviour. A person with an eating disorder may focus excessively on their weight and shape, leading them to make unhealthy choices about food with damaging results to their healthAround 1 in 250 women and 1 in 2,000 men will experience anorexia nervosa at some point. The condition usually develops around the age of 16 or 17.

How it effects you and other people

It effects yourself very badly as your fat intake decreases and less calories are in your body, you will vomit and most likely you would need to use laxitives and diuretics. This could lead to faintness, weakness, teeth decay, Gum disease and even heart disease.
When someone has an eating disorder, it can become easy (for parents especially) to forget about the other important people in life and focus all of their energy and attention on the eating disordered person.  It is very important for family members to find a healthy balance between caring for their eating disordered child, sibling, parent, or wife and living their own lives. If one of these two things is given too much attention, something or someone will be neglected, causing an already stressful situation to worsen.

Everyone is entitled to do what they want with their body but having an Eating Disorder is not an option