connoisseur of cat hair & old sweaters

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  • Born in Portland in 1992!
  • I study English literature, classics and modern languages.
  • I had a terrible time in high school but wonderful teachers--I want to teach high school and do the same for others what my instructors did for me.
  • I love to cook, especially Israeli food and other Mediterranean cuisines, and most especially for other people.
  • I'm lucky to live with my two best friends: my partner Alex and my cat Brautigan.
  • Besides books and food and old Greeks, I like stand-up comedy, bluegrass music, hydroponic gardening, science-fiction, Japanese comics, Steve Martin movies, kayaking, and U-Pick farms.
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  • Completing my degree in secondary education and finding a job
  • Earning the respect and trust of students and their families
  • Building a personal library from the ground up with my own hands
  • Singing in a jazz band, not at karaoke night
  • Finally reading all the books I sometimes pretend to have read
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