George Orwell

(Eric Arthur Blair)

Who was George Orwell?

George Orwell, otherwise known as Eric Arthur Blair, was born on June 25th, 1903 in Eastern India, which at the time was British territory. He moved to England with both his mother and sisters at the age of one. At a young age, he was said to have been showing academic talent, so his mother took pains to ensure that his attendance at a (fairly) well known boarding school called St. Cyprian's. While his family was nor poor or wealthy, he still attended St, Cyprian's on a scholarship. His academic prowess continued in secondary school at Eton, a rather renowned school. He graduated in 1921.

Despite his major intelligence, he could not afford to attend college at the time. Rather, in 1922, he enlisted in the Indian Imperial Police located in Burma. He’s said to had spent the first year of his life in a British colony, and this time, he got an exhaustive experience of the British colonial life, and despised what he had witnessed. His experiences there made him a champion of the poor and downtrodden, a role which would stick with him through his short life. Moreover, he couldn’t stand the fact that his job put him directly in the position of “privileged oppressor”. He willingly resigned from his position in the Indian Imperial Police an approximate five years later, while on leave for Britain.

Blair then became devoted to the problems of class, wealth, and government power long prior to his publication of Animal Farm. An associate of Blair’s states; “--he turned his life into an experiment in classlessness, and the intensity of his commitment to that experiment was the main reason that his friends and colleagues found him a preserve and sometimes exasperating man.”

I believe that George Orwell should be remembered because of his political motivation and writing, for he persuaded many in his life to think differently on how they saw the world.

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