ELA Update

7th Grade

If you need one: make sure to replace your composition notebook once you fill it up!

What An English Classroom Looks Like:

Writer’s Workshop is implemented in our English classrooms. This technique is simple: if we know from experience that a workshop approach to the teaching of writing works well for aspiring professional writers, why shouldn’t we use this approach in our classrooms? As in a professional writer’s workshop, each student in the class is a working author. The teacher is a writing professional and peer coach, guiding authors as they explore their craft. Instead of spending the majority of class time on spelling tests, grammar worksheets, handwriting practice, and other isolated sub-skills of writing, Writer’s Workshop is designed to emphasize the act of writing itself-students spend most of their time putting pencil to paper, not just learning about it. Over time, students learn to choose their own topics and to manage their own development as they work through a wide variety of writing projects in a sustained and self-directed way. Along with writer’s workshop, students will keep a weekly journal as well as practice editing and revising skills using "Invitation to Notice." Both “minor” and “other” grades will be taken from these assignments and activities.

Course Overview

Our 7th Grade English class curriculum is aligned for high student achievement and success. Each six week’s period focuses on an aspect of writing:

1st Marking Period: Writing Process, Personal Narrative

2nd Marking Period: Expository

3rd Marking Period: Poetry, Expository/Literary Interpretation

4th Marking Period: Expository/Literary Interpretation, Letter Writing

5th Marking Period: Persuasion, Expository, Personal Narrative

6th Marking Period: Imaginative Stories

Assignments and Homework

All assignments and homework will be listed on the whiteboard. Students are responsible for writing down the homework in their planner as it is written on the board.

When your child is absent, it is his/her responsibility to ask for the make-up work. All homework, quizzes, and test dates will be posted on Canvas.

KISD Grading Guidelines


50% Major Grades

35% Daily Grades and Quizzes

15 % Homework


55% Major grades

30% Daily Grades and Quizzes

15% Homework


Tutorials are available to all students Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2:35-3:05. Please arrange with the teacher in advance.


The following is a list of supplies your child is responsible for in Language Arts class every day. It is also their responsibility to replenish these on an as-needed basis:

-Blue or black pen

-red checking pen

-#2 pencils with erasers

-composition book



-college-ruled notebook paper