September 18 Chile Independence Day

Jack Smith

Origin Country. Guess what; the Chilean Independence day started in Chile.

Now, in some cases, you may get a Holiday that started in another country and made it's way to another, but with this, it's not the case. The Chilean Independence day, September 18th, started in Chile.

Is it Important? Of course it is.

Every Independence day is important, no matter what country celebrates it! No, nobody likes to be controlled by a Country that isn't even connected to you, and the Chileans felt the same way about Spain. Well, most of them did. It's important to the people as a reminder that anyone can be independent.

What do they bring to the party?

Meat, meat, meat, and, oh yeah, can't forget the meat. I mean, meat sales go up by $50 Million every year. That, is a lot of food. During the Fiestas Patrias the preferred drink is chicha, a lightly alcoholic beverage typically made from grapes, although apple chicha is popular in southern Chile. Red wine enjoys popularity during the holiday, while pisco, the so-called "national liquor", becomes secondary.

Some Similarities to the U.S

Well, there's alcohol, food, and celebrating all around. But, more specifically, two big things are good feelings all around, and a sense of togetherness. But most importantly the food.

There will always be some Differences.

Even when talking about Holidays. Now, a big difference between our two celebrations, is that they don't blow anything up. Now, in my opinion, it isn't a celebration until someone's lost an eyebrow or two. Besides exploding things, another big difference, is that it's a city wide celebration for them, while ours is just family based.