Happy May! I can't believe how quickly April flew by. It certainly was a beautiful month of celebrations. All of you helped make my birthday a wonderful occasion and I am very appreciative of all the LOVE you shared with me. We also celebrated Administrative Professional's the last week of April. I hope that each and every one of you felt our LOVE and APPRECIATION!

I wanted to take a moment to give a big SHOUT OUT OF THANKS! to Claudia and Edna who put together the Relay for Life team. They did a great job of organizing us! And to all of you who participated, THANK YOU! Many of us in some form have been touched by cancer either directly or through someone we love and care about. My desire is that next year we do this bigger and better!

Last month, I set a purpose for our department to improve customer service. I see through the smiles on your faces, the tones in your voices that we are making this a reality. We will be scheduling a full department meeting soon to discuss our plans for next year and each of you will be a valuable member of that meeting. #TEAMWORK #LISDMAKINGITHAPPEN

I challenged each of you last month to determine one goal, "one thing" that is most important to you or your team. Did you do that? Were you able to focus on one thing and accomplish that one thing? If not, then continue to work it, STICK TO IT!!!

If you are having a hard time focusing on that goal you may need additional help.

Practical Tip # 2 Paint a Vivid mental picture of your goal onto the walls of your mind

Drawing mental images helps some people. I need a more tangible picture. There is something that is called a vision board (Pinterest). Create a collage of your vision to help you stay focused on your goal. That my involve power words, pictures of healthy foods, a vacation spot or that pair of jeans you want to wear. Whatever your goal is, find a way to anchor your thoughts towards moving in that direction.

Oprah There Are No Mistakes


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Hard Work Pays Off!

I am a total SPURS fan, but Stephen Curry has an incredible story of how working hard to make your dream come true pays off. Regardless of what your dream is, if you work hard at your goals you can accomplish great things. He is resilient, determined and humble. He uses his failures to make him stronger. Even if you aren't a basketball fan, watching him in the zone, hearing his story and his tips for success apply to anyone. Whatever your passion is find your motivation and tap into it!
Stephen Curry's Top 10 Rules For Success