Star Lifecycle

Teeia M.

How are stars born?

In space clouds of gas and dust get pulled together by gravity until they get formed into spinning clumps. The next thing that happens is it starts to cave in on itself causing it to heat up. Once it heats up to a few million degrees, nuclear fusion fuses it together and.. BAM! The star is born.
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How long do stars exist?

Stars can exist anywhere from fifty years to trillions of years. Some people say that stars exist forever. However that is not true, they all die at one point you just may not notice because of how many there are.
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How do stars die?

After the time is up some stars become supernovae. However not all stars die in violent explosions. Some stars gently become planetary nebulae, which is a nebula that is ring shaped and made by an old star shelled with gas.
A Star's Life Cycle


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